Five for the Future: It’s Happening Tomorrow!

As a multitude of WordPress developers, designers, users, owners, and fans currently descend upon St. Louis, Missouri for WordCamp US 2019 (WCUS) this weekend, those WebDevStudios (WDS) team members who are staying behind will be using their workday tomorrow, Friday, November 1, 2019, to join their WCUS-attending teammates in spirit by contributing to Five for the Future, a WordPress initiative designed to motivate WordPress companies to donate 5% of their time to giving back to the core and community. Whether we’re organizing or speaking at WordCamps, presenting a talk at a WordPress meetup, or participating in Five for the Future (#5ftf), WDS is always giving back.

Jessica Lujan, Project Manager

I think it’s awesome that WDS allows its employees an entire day to give back,” says Jessica Lujan, WDS Project Manager, who recently experienced her very first #5ftf Day on October 4th. “It really goes to show that they’re invested in WordPress and want to see it continue to succeed.”

Like many WordPress site owners or users, Jessica doesn’t code. However, she doesn’t let that stop her from participating in this pay-it-forward event. When given the opportunity to join in, she was hesitant, but then she heard that she could help out the WordPress community by captioning a video.

I have so much appreciation for the folks that create the captioning content. It was cool to learn the tools and systems in order to create that, and I feel like I learned a lot!” exclaims Jessica. She also adds, “I will be honest; it was a little harder than I thought it would be. You have to be really focused on it, otherwise you’ll realize you missed an entire sentence or two and have to rewind. The tools they suggest to use are super easy to use, so that was a relief. It was definitely rewarding to watch it back and see all the content I helped contribute.” [Editor’s note: it was my own WordCamp talk that Jessica captioned, so I can’t help but be biased. See Jessica’s captioning work here.]

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Jessica’s enthusiasm and effort just goes to prove that you don’t have to code to contribute. Are you interested in learning about other ways you can participate in #5ftf alongside with us? Read this blog post.

Below, take a look at a sample of WDS’ contributions from our last Five for the Future. From tweets to likes to shout-outs, we get lots of support from the community. We can’t thank you enough for noticing our motivation and work. As always, keep up with our #5ftf efforts by following the hashtag on Twitter.


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