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Nothing is going to change about your SEO this year if you don’t do something about it. For online dominance of your business, you have to step up your SEO game.

Statistics have proven that SEO practices will definitely be on the increase this year. They’ve never really been a year people slowed down on the use of SEO practices to boost sales and grow their business. The online presence of any business is a step towards its posterity.

But how well it’s done is what separates businesses. Many businesses have an online presence, but what matters is how profitable it is to your business. You’re running a business and whatever you’re practicing should bring growth to your business. And SEO practices when done correctly are good ways to grow your business online.

Here are four SEO practices that can ensure business growth for 2019


The role of good content delivery as an SEO practice cannot be overemphasized. You must have read it over a hundred time, but there’s a need for it to be a constant reminder. We’ve all come across contents on sites that had little or no meaning; some of which came across as time wasted.

One thing you must know about content creation is that it’s not all about what you’re putting out, it’s about how you’re putting them. Aren’t you surprised that despite the contents you flood your website with, they’ve have had little or no impact in your business growth? It’s as a result of your not doing them well.  Good users recognize informative and insightful piece when they see one.

They also tend to come back for more. That way, you capture their attention, which will make them patronize you.

Don’t be in a hurry put out something, take time and do it well.

That’s one thing that will keep them glued to your site. I’ve also noticed that small business sites tend to be dry. Just because you shouldn’t be in a hurry to put something out doesn’t mean your site should be dry. Create amazing and engaging posts. A friend of mine once attracted a foreign investor who happened to read and watch his articles and videos.

The internet is a big place and you don’t know how might be reading or watching


I don’t think I’m the only one that gets tired whenever I clicking on sites in search of something only to go back to searching. Quite a lot of people are facing this, that’s why you need to capitalize on it by making contents match users search intent.

Whether you run a small or medium scale business, there’s a need to increase your SEO practice in 2019.

The truth is that search engines want growth and that’s the reason they’re focusing on improving users’ experience. If this is the case, you just have to grow with them. Your contents should follow keywords, they make your contents relevant. You see more of videos and infographics because they were created based on keywords. Develop strategies on how to achieve this.


The days of using queries are gone. Google has progressed beyond that and schema markup is having a permanent place. Adding schema to your site gives your site the needed exposure. It helps to return users with informative results. With schema, your contents don’t just get indexed and return to search results, it tells what your contents mean to search engines.

Your pictures, audio and video files should have schema markup in them to ensure they appear in search results. That way, you tend to be ahead of your competitors because not everyone knows about it.


Voice search has won and is still winning a lot of people over, and for your site to appreciate on top, you must work on your content. Since Google Home takes information from direct search box, your answers should be direct using the right keywords. The number of keywords used really matter in voice search because for you to make the top results, you sure have to use 7-9 keywords.

Up your voice search game because voice search has a huge impact on SEO. Voice search is taking over, so prepare for it.

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