Free Technology for Teachers: Educandy

Educandy is a near service that I recently learned about from Eric Curts. As I mentioned in this week’s episode of The Practical Ed Tech Podcast, Educandy strikes me as a slightly more polished version of Flippity. On Educandy you can create a list of vocabulary words or a list of questions and have a set of games instantly created based on those lists. You can then share those games with your students through a dedicated link and game code.

To get started on Educandy you will have to create an account on the site. Once you’ve created your account sign in and select the option to create a list of vocabulary words, matching pairs of words, or a list of quiz questions. Once you’ve made your list Educandy will automatically generate a game or series of games that your students can play. If you make a list of vocabulary words or a list of paired words the game options will include memory, hangman, word search, and crosswords. If you write quiz questions, the game will be a simple quiz game.

Once your game is created on Educandy it will appear in your account under “my activities.” From there you can select your game and find its code. Students can then use that code to play your game at without creating an account on the site. You’ll also find an embed code that you can use to place your game on your own website.

Applications for Education
Educandy isn’t providing anything revolutionary, but it does provide a convenient way to create some simple review games for your students to play on their own. If you’re looking for a new way to make games for your students to play as review activities, Educandy might be for you.

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