From Conception to Completion: Perfecting the Creative Process

From Conception to Completion: Perfecting the Creative Process

Connecting with consumers can be challenging in a marketplace where businesses appear removed from the human experience. Top brands are beginning to integrate behavioral science techniques to feel what their customers feel. They have found that increased empathy leads to better customer outreach and ROI.

Sentient Decision Science will be covering real-world examples from case studies to teach you how to increase the impact of your marketing spend by applying behavioral science.

Register today and learn how to:

  • Implement fundamental behavioral science principles for captivating attention, connecting emotionally, and cementing your brand in memory.
  • Use behavioral science to evaluate the potential of early-stage creative assets.
  • Improve your advertising impact by optimizing the final cut with large-scale behavioral science tools.


Dr. Aaron Reid, Founder & CEO, Sentient Decisions Science

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