GM’s OnStar customers can find nearest available parking through mobile app

General Motors? OnStar service is extending its cooperation with Parkopedia, a service that helps consumers find the nearest available parking spots, through the OnStar mobile app.

This partnership will increase the value of using OnStar for mobile users, as well as encourage them to use more of the features it provides. The move coincides with GM?s larger move to push OnStar as a comprehensive mobile service provider.

“Parkopedia is a key partner for providing parking data and services for OnStar,? said Mark Lloyd, Consumer Online Officer at OnStar. ?By extending our relationship with Parkopedia, we can continue to work together to expand the existing OnStar AtYourService offers and deals in a way that benefits our customers.”


Every industry has been adapting to the mobile revolution in their own way.

While some have taken to it more than others, such as retail, others have had less reason to embrace mobile as fully as the more interaction-heavy industries.

Automotive is one such industry that has not had reason to embrace mobile too heavily so far, but in the places where it is, it is doing so in unique and novel ways.

General Motors is embracing mobile mainly through the emphasis on its full-service mobile platform created for OnStar.

OnStar AtYourService aims to be a complete mobile companion to the driving experience, helping customers call for assistance and find places to shop and eat as they drive.

Now, OnStar is extending the services it can provide through OnStar thanks to a partnership with Parkopedia, a service that helps consumers find nearby parking.

This partnership will be fruitful both for OnStar and the consumers, as well as to brands and locations who can benefit from customers being able to find parking near the stores.


The partnership with Parkopedia is just one of the many features that OnStar offers its customers.

What is more is that these features are designed not just to improve the quality of life for drivers, but also to encourage commercial interactions between the customer and brands.

Most recently, GM has been using OnStar to push the possibility of in-car payments and deal hunting thanks to a partnership with RetailMeNot.

RetailMeNot is making a play in automotive in a partnership that will see the online deal site?s offers integrated into the new General Motors OnStar commerce and engagement platform, bringing nearby sales and coupons to the attention of connected motorists (see story).

Additionally, GM has begun letting consumers browse deals through the OnStar app.

The feature is available on all of GM?s mobile apps and lets users make browse deals from a variety of retailers and restaurants through their phones. The payment system is powered by Sionic Mobile (see story).

All together, these campaigns show how OnStar is aiming to be a full-fledged mobile driving and shopping companion.

“This renewal cements the successful relationship that Parkopedia and OnStar have built over the last 3 years,? said Parkopedia’s CEO Eugene Tsyrklevich. ?Parkopedia is the global leader in all matters relating to parking and managing parking will be a key component of smart urban mobility and a prerequisite for autonomous vehicles. 

?We are extremely excited to be able to continue working with OnStar and harness their industry leading vehicle connectivity and data capabilities.”

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