Google June 2019 Core Update, Domain Diversity Update, DailyMail Slammed, Rich Results, Bing Bribes & DOJ


What an insane week, we first recapped the changes over the last month with Google for webmasters. We then talked about the big Google June 2019 core update that began rolling out on Monday, but was pre-announced on Sunday. It was big and it hit many sites and even the Daily Mail said they saw 50% of their Google traffic vanish. Google also released another update, this one restricting how many times a domain can show up in the top search results for a single query – it is a domain diversity update that overlapped with the core update sadly. Google updated their rich results tool to help SEOs debug parity issues on mobile vs desktop. Google said only use the indexing API for job postings and live streams. Google said you should not ignore the HTTPS ranking boost. Google says featured snippets probably can show content in expandable elements. Google said you can remove alt text from your images but it might impact that image’s rankings. Google is testing a more results button on desktop search. Google is testing additional refine by layers. Google is testing a rotating people also ask feature. Google posted their JavaScript and SEO myth busting video. Google is testing the carousel interface for the local pack again. Bing still recommends you use the disavow link tool. Bing also said organic results cannot be influenced by ad buys. The Department of Justice may be investigating Google again over antitrust issues. Bing celebrated Pride Month with a cool autocomplete easter egg. I am offline on Monday, so hopefully nothing will be breaking that day. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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