Han Seo Hee makes sexually harassing comments about T.O.P during Instagram Live

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Han Seo Hee, the trainee from T.O.P‘s marijuana case, continues to make wild claims.During her Instagram Live on the 24th, she talked about various things and called herself a ‘walking atomic bomb’ because of all the things she knew and could expose. One of the stories she had to tell was about T.O.P. She said, “His ‘down there’ is the size of a MAC,” referring to a MAC lipstick.

The comment obviously didn’t sit well with most people, especially because she had claimed during the same Instagram Live session that she was going to be suing men making sexually harassing comments about her. She herself had done the same thing, but to T.O.P.

What do you think will happen with Han Seo Hee?

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