Help me understand Google Map Packs! : SEO

Help me understand Google Map Packs! : SEO

Hi r/SEO,

I’m a local service business owner and trying to learn everything I can about SEO to drive more organic traffic to my mobile car detailing website.

I’ve done SEO audits of my site using ubersuggest and have fixed all issues. Have made sure I have an appropriate header tag structure, unique title and meta descriptions and working on my on-page SEO and building out keyword rich content. I have a listing on most local business directories and even appear in a top 10 detailers list for my area.

What I don’t understand is there is a competitor that consistently ranks top 3 in the map pack for search terms like “mobile car detailing (my area)” although their site has a number of critical issues and only 2 google reviews in comparison to my 11 and continues to rank above other competitors with 50+ reviews. Ubersuggest is saying they only have 8 backlinks with 7/8 of the domains with a score of 1 (lowest).

I understand this kind of knowledge is valuable so if you are too busy to take a few minutes to help me figure out what I should be working on, I’d greatly appreciate being pointed in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!

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