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Sharing your opinions and lives with people while getting paid for it. This sounds too good to be true for most people, but the opportunity does indeed exist.

Blogging is a popular way to run a business. For many bloggers, the sky’s the limit when it comes to how much they can make between ads, sponsored opportunities, and even book deals.

In order to get to this point, you need to set up a blog first.

But what are the costs associated with buying a domain and getting set up? If you’re asking “is blogging worth it,” discover more, and see if this is the right career path for you.

Understand You’ll Need to Pay for Hosting and a Domain

Hosting is an important part of blogging that cannot get overlooked. If you’re not aware, hosting is where you essentially “house” your blog.

It allows you to go in, add and update posts, change themes, add social media buttons, and even respond to your followers. Without your blog home, it’d be possible to embed ads or put on other features that make money.

Your domain can be purchased with hosting, should you choose to go through the same company. The domain is almost always the title of your blog, and it’s how your readers remember you.

Having a domain can establish your brand, allowing you to get more advertising and make money.

The cost for a domain and hosting varies based on the company you go with and if they have any deals at the time. Some deals run anywhere from $60 to $200 and can last either for a few months or a couple of years.

Think carefully about how long you’d like to try blogging for before investing. Remember that you won’t have overnight success, so pick a plan that allows you to stay with it for a while.

Themes Can Make or Break Your Blog

Themes are the layouts that organize and display your blog content for everyone to see. Although you’re sure to find free themes offered, it’s easy to notice that those costing money tend to look the best.

With blogging, keep in mind that while your posts might be fun, exciting and useful, many people won’t stick around to read them if they can’t stand the layout of your blog.

An ideal layout should:

  • Have an area for social media buttons
  • Show pictures or graphics that depict who you are and what you do
  • Make your posts clear and easy to read

If you can’t afford a theme right away, try to upgrade when possible. Prices for themes normally start around $60, but you can look for deals and other specials.

Plan on Costs for Social Media Promotion

These days, using social media is important to get the word out about your blog. This includes popular outlets such as Facebook and Twitter and visual ones such as Instagram and Pinterest.

While you can post to your social media outlets every time you have an update, that’s going to get time-consuming quickly. Instead, think about automating your posting and choose apps to help you.

What you’re using depends on your needs. For example, Tailwind is a popular choice for those who find success on Pinterest; this tends to run a little over $100.

Try your hand at different social media websites, and see which ones bring you followers. You can decide from there if it’s worth investing in scheduled posting or not, and how many social media sites you’d like to stay active on.

You May Have to Pay to Add Pictures to Your Posts

Pictures offer a focal point to your post. With just one glance, your readers can learn what you’re going to talk about and if they want to stick around.

Of course, you don’t need a professional photographer to take pictures for you. One of the appeals of blogging is folks learning about other people just like them, who share the same interests and lifestyle.

But in order to touch up pictures and create engaging graphics, it’s helpful to invest in a photo or graphic product, such as PicMonkey. This is also helpful since you can create Pinterest pins that offer eye-catching appeal.

PicMonkey and similar photo-making solutions usually cost anywhere from $47 and up. If you want quality pictures others will enjoy, this is important to have.

You don’t need to limit your pictures just to blogging, either. These can double as photos on Instagram as well, helping you to further traffic.

Plan on Educating Yourself in Your New Field

Just like any career or job field, you’ll need to learn the ins and outs of what you’re doing. Of course, you’ll learn on the job and find new ways to hone your skills through trial and error, but education can make your blogging journey easier.

You can learn from veterans in the field what has worked for them, avoid making similar mistakes, and learn how to reach out to advertisers and double your income. Education can come in the form of books and ebooks, teleclasses and groups, and even seminars.

It’s up to you how much education you wish to pursue based on your blog, interest in growing it, and what your current schedule looks like. Education can range from $5 for an ebook to several hundred or even thousands of dollars in courses or seminars.

Consider starting out small and building from there.

If you believe that something can truly help but you’re short on money and can’t get a loan the traditional way, you have options. Look into loans for bad credit, and consider this an investment in your business.

Is Blogging Worth It? It Depends on Your Overall Goal

If you’re determined to start a blog, understand that the journey is free or even cheap. But if you want a career that allows you an unlimited range of money, the ability to work as you please, and can offer a lifetime of learning, it’s worth considering.

So, “is blogging worth it?” Take a chance and see what it has to offer. Compared to other businesses, the investments are cheaper, and you can create something you’re proud of.

If you’re curious about beginning soon, check out our article on starting a blog within the next 10 minutes.

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