How Can Digital Marketing Help Small Businesses During a Pandemic?

How Can Digital Marketing Help Small Businesses During a Pandemic?

It’s mid-2020, and the pandemic is raging. For almost six months, it has affected us, both our health and our economy. It has brought these two essential structures of humankind to a standstill while things get even worse. People are losing their lives and jobs, and are getting drained emotionally as well as financially. 

The pandemic has affected businesses in a big way, especially those that had just started and had major plans in the pipeline. With every resource suddenly unavailable, these businesses are at the brink of crashing. These small businesses are back to ground zero from where they had started. To kick-start their respective organizations, they need to implement some excellent strategies to help create the same reach that they had.  

Digital Marketing is a marketing strategy that applies to every business, big or small. It plays a crucial role in small companies who don’t have money to spend on larger modes of advertisement. The digital platform demands fewer resources but can reach far and wide. It just requires the right kind of content to appeal to the required audience. 

How Will Digital Marketing Help Small Businesses?

Digital Marketing is a combination of marketing strategies that helps create awareness about your brand on the digital platform, with the help of content. It is the process through which small businesses can emerge as thought leaders in their respective verticals and influence their audience by sharing relevant content. 

Content can be in the form of social media posts, blogs, articles, e-books, videos, webinars, etc. For such content, you need an impressive content creator such as a writer for your blog posts and a video editor for your videos. You need to implement the right kind of keywords in your written content and the right type of intro maker for your videos. 

You should start developing a website of your own if you don’t have one. Existing websites should be revamped to suit the needs of digital marketing strategies. The website should have all the specific brand-related information fuelled by the right SEO strategy. For this, you will need an efficient website developer and a highly analytical SEO-expert to help you with this. 

Digital Marketing strategies are a culmination of many hits and misses. It is all about catering to your audience by experimenting with your content ideas to deliver your brand message. Talking of the culmination of ideas, here is a list of digital marketing strategies that you can try out as a small business: 

  • Leveraging Creativity to Gain Traction for Small Businesses

As a small business, you have the privilege to experiment with your audience. Experimentation shall enable you to work on different strategies and see what works for you. This leads to creativity being imparted into your digital marketing strategies.   

Digital Marketing has also helped small businesses to harp on the creative aspect of marketing. It concerns the use of recent trends in formulating a marketing strategy. Your potential audience is already acquainted with this trend. Therefore, blending it with your campaigns can help you gain the required traction.

Small businesses make use of memes, clips from popular movies, and such to develop a strategy for their audience. This allows them to tell their story in a more comprehensible manner. In fact, by blending the trending topics with their digital media campaigns, small businesses can relate to their audience’s psyche.

  • Structured Planning Through Digital Marketing Analytics

Small businesses also get an idea of their buyer persona, their search patterns, and the field that they are interested in, with the help of Digital Marketing Analytics. These analytics help small businesses target their audience on the required Social Media Platforms with the help of relevant Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and much more.  

Analytics helps the business to track their reach. They can see how their keyword is performing by monitoring their SEO score and domain authority. Analytics also helps them track their posts’ performance, such as blogs, articles, videos, infographics, and others. This data helps them to work on their next strategy in a more informed and agile manner.

  • Audience Segmentation for Curated Marketing Campaigns

Apart from the following analytics to post relevant content, the numbers can also be used to create your audience segment and target them specifically. You will get a brief idea of the kind of audience interested in your product. 

This data enables the creation of a segment-wise marketing strategy, which creates a better impact. 

Moreover, you will get a detailed idea about your buyer’s persona, which is a great input while preparing your next product. 

  • Webinars for Catering to a LIVE Audience

Other than the following analytics and posting relevant content, small businesses should also resort to hosting webinars. It allows interaction with industry experts and a LIVE audience for better growth of the brand philosophy.

Webinars will give you valuable inputs of your brand and help you improve it in your next editions.  

Tools used for digital marketing are cheap and sometimes free. Using them in the right and effective way can give small businesses the right insight into their strategies. This data will help these businesses to modify their strategies accordingly. Tools such as Hubspot, Ahrefs, Yoast, and others have proven to be very useful in garnering the required reach for small businesses.

  • Reaching Out to a Broader Audience

Digital Marketing takes your business to a platform where most of your audience is already there and is waiting to consume your content and know about you. With this pandemic, everybody has been confined to their homes, and are resorting to Digital Platforms for entertainment and educational needs. 

Thus, your audience is waiting for you to educate them about your brand and philosophy. 

Digital Marketing takes you to a vast audience and creates an appeal that you hadn’t even imagined. Your website or your social media handles can reach out to customers located in any part of the world. It allows you to take your goods and services to a vast spectrum of audiences at an affordable cost. 

You need to choose the right kind of channels for communicating your story to them. When it comes to digital, there are no boundaries per se. The only thing that can stop you is apprehensions in using a completely new digital platform. You just need to target your audience with the right kind of advertisement template suitable for that particular digital platform. 

But as they say, when adversities knock on your door only, you think of ways to knock it off. 


This pandemic is far from getting over. It is getting worse day by day, and an economic downturn is already churning lives and jobs. Situations such as this demand change to the pre-existing processes, and there can be nothing more effective than adopting different channels to take your brand to a vast audience. 

You just need to optimize the resources, at your end, to the Digital Marketing strategies and embark upon this. Thus, as an owner of a small business, you should adopt such channels to tell your brand story, which would otherwise go unnoticed, relying on the traditional modes of the campaign.

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