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How Many Irons Do You Have In The Blogging Fire?

I love blog commenting.

I also dig guest posting.

But you will find me on Quora. You will find me on the Warrior Forum. You will also find me on various Facebook Groups and Google Plus Communities. You will also find me on Reddit. Who knows where you will find me next? Because I have multiple irons in the blogging fire.

If you are having a terrible time driving blog traffic I have one solution to cut through your frustration; tossing more irons in the fire. Or opening more channels through which you connect with new and established readers to grow your blogging community, to boost your blogging profits and to increase your blogging income.


Yesterday I asked this question on Twitter:

A fellow tweeter responded, asking me to send my 126 eBooks their way. So I did. Simple as that. Easy peasy.

I will generate eBooks sales, grow my blog community and inspire a fellow blogger by making myself available on Twitter, putting another iron in the blogging fire, offering my readers opportunities to reach me through their medium of choice.

I am not asking you to spread yourself too thin. I am simply saying to work 1-3 blogging channels persistently, to establish your expertise in these areas, and then to maintain more passive communication channels you visit but simply less frequently.

I attract readers through Reddit even though I work that site 1-3 times monthly. Ditto for StumbleUpon. I may attract a ton more readers through Twitter and Facebook because I work these channels daily but just having a wide array of websites where I have a passive presence helps me to continually increase my blog traffic, profits and email list.

Give readers a chance to meet you on their favorite platform. Some readers love viewing videos through YouTube. Others prefer soaking up your content through Google Plus or through Facebook Live videos. Some readers just want to enjoy your updates through their email list which is A-OK.

The point is that you need to establish multiple channels of communication to maximize your traffic and profits because readers will find you through a wide range of mediums, based on their blogging preferences.

Income Streams?

Once readers find your blog through a variety of channels it sure helps to have income streams set up to render useful service and to get paid for offering your services.

Watch this short video from gorgeous Savusavu, Fiji to uncover 4 ways to monetize your blog:

The Biggest Challenge (But The Greatest Relief Too)

Imagine yourself spinning 4 plates while skipping on a large pit filled with fiery coals. Busy, right?

Managing your well-connected, easily accessible blog requires you to engage in a happy hustle. You will work, Young Padawans.

BUT the biggest relief comes attached to this increased workload. You will feel the joy and peace of mind of making more money through your blog actively and passively. This feels good. Really good.

If more people can reach you, see your blog and enjoy your content you lay the foundation for becoming a full time, professional blogger who can pay their bills, boost their savings and enjoy your money however you want to enjoy it.

The split second you make an uncomfortable decision to take on more responsibility remember the results that will flow from your increased workload. Works for me.

Your Turn

Is your blog easily accessible through a wide array of online channels? How many irons do you have in the blogging fire?

As of last count my blog can be found through hundreds of different social sites, bookmarking sites, forums, Q and A sites and blogs. How about your blog?

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