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Creating branded marketing content requires a streamlined approach in today’s fast-paced climate. Without tools to ensure your content creation is time-efficient and excellently executed, you’ll fall behind the rest of the pack.

In fact, recent studies have revealed that marketing automation has done the following for its users:

14.5% average increase in sales productivity
12.5% reduction in marketing overhead
80% of users saw an increase in leads
77% of users saw an increase in conversions
91% of users believe marketing automation is crucial to their overall success



Below, are 5 easy ways you can automate your content marketing:

Outsourcing your copywriting

Imagine you could have access to original and customized articles from reputable brands written and paid for at the click of a button. In this dream scenario, there’ll be no combing through unengaging advertorials or press releases.
That’s what you get with Contento’s new “Buy Articles” feature, where you’ll be able to quickly order unique custom articles.
Through Contento, you’ll acquire savvy, expertly written articles ready for you to offer out to media and blogs.
“Content marketing is a powerful marketing strategy. But most SMEs struggle with the resource needed,” explains Carl Thompson from Contento.
“We spent ages searching for a high-quality ghostwriting solution that’s also affordable. We found it, it’s brilliant, and it’s now available to all Contento users.”



Royalty Free Images Included

People don’t necessarily have the time to read tons of content. Most of the time, they respond better to powerful visuals that get right to the point. According to one report, marketing content including images has 650% higher engagement than content without them.
Still, sourcing images as a brand is immensely tricky.
If you don’t have an automated process in place, you’re paying an arm and a leg for professional stock photos from places such as Getty Images. And unless you’re Jackson Pollock, you can’t take these pictures on your own.
With Contento, royalty free images are part of the package.

Making Outreach and SEO Automatic

Does content truly exist if nobody’s around to read it?

As a brand, finding the media placement for your content is usually wrought with a litany of cold emails and seemingly endless coordination efforts.
Contento’s dashboard provides instantaneous access to a network of reputable publishers who offer brand exposure through their readerships. Since these publishers are held in high regard, your mere association with them will benefit your brand’s image.

SEO Coffee


Also, search engine optimization, or SEO, is an intensely difficult discipline to master – but 57% of B2B marketers say that SEO generates more leads than any of their other marketing initiatives. So, in order to remain viable, you need to incorporate some form of SEO in your articles and your marketing strategy as a whole.
The media outreach software offered by Contento equips your marketing content with an influx backlinks. This results in higher optimization scores without having to spend exorbitant time mastering SEO.

Other sites linking back to yours is a relevance indicator to search engines like Google. The more high-profile websites linking back to yours, the better your search rankings.

Automate Your Brainstorming

There’s nothing worse than slamming your head against a wall, trying to think of an innovative content marketing idea that’ll never come.
With ContentFly’s ContentGenie, you’ll have an intelligent tool that does some of the thinking for you. ContentGenie utilizes the Skyscraper method, along with AI technology and keyword research to create customized titles. Input a general topic and a broad keyword to get the results you’re looking for—without the hours of research!
This incredible automated tool also possesses competitor analysis capabilities, which examines recent articles that have generated tons of engagement.



Buy Draft Articles

Having serviced 50,000 total businesses while wielding the power of 100,000 highly-skilled writers, ConstantContent is an automation tool that sells ready-made articles.
We’re not suggesting to simply reuse this content. These pre-written articles are just a way to get started. With the wealth of researched information, all you have to do is repurpose and add your own spin to work instead of starting from scratch.
Furthermore, Contento’s article rewrite tool adds another automated layer to the process. Input your purchased content into the appropriate field and the software assists in changing the wording by a minimum of 30% – so it’s easier to make your own.


There’s a reason that, according to MarketsandMarkets, the global marketing automation market is expected to reach $5.5 billion this year.

content marketing trends


In this day and age, everything happens at lightning speeds. By spending too long on any task, such as content marketing, you’ll be missing out on other lucrative opportunities.
Utilize the above tools, and you’ll knock down the various obstacles getting in the way of your streamlined content marketing efforts.

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