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If you have earned a Google AdWords certification, then you do not have to worry about jobs. Definitely, you will be able to make your career grow with this AdWords certification.

Interestingly, this certification is not really difficult to pass if you are ready to do some smart work in addition to hard work.

In fact, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that you can attain Google AdWords certification without taking leave from your office.

However, for this, you need to dedicate some time especially for the preparation of Google AdWords Assessments.

What is Google AdWords Assessments?

Just like any other IT certifications, Google AdWords certification also involves exams or tests which are known as the AdWords certification assessments. These are designed to assess your capability to understand the online advertising best practices and how AdWords work. With the online advertising become more advanced these days, your knowledge will be measured about the following things.

-How the Value proposition is done in online advertising;
-How to handle and start a Campaign online;
-Ways to do the campaign measurement and its optimization.

What are the Exam Details of Google AdWords?

Google AdWords consists of two exams that you must pass to get Google AdWords certification.

Google Ads Fundamentals: Once you have registered for a Google Partners account, then you become eligible to take Google AdWords Fundamentals exam. You must pass this fundamentals exam of AdWords with a good score of at least 80% or higher. This exam consists of 100 questions, which you need to complete in 120 minutes. This exam is mandatory to pass, but Google does give you options for the second exam which defines your area of interest. There are five options available for this assessment and you need to pass this exam too with a minimum of 80% score or higher.

Here are the five options of the product area assessment:

Search Advertising: This is the area that covers concepts related to the search network. For instance, how an ad campaign search could be optimized, what are the advanced ways of enhancing the search network, etc. This exam includes 100 questions, which you need to complete in 120 minutes with a minimum score of 80%. 

Display Advertising: This advertising assessment is all about the Display campaigns. Here your skills in optimizing and measuring Display campaigns are assessed. You need to solve 100 questions in this exam in a time span of 120 minutes. Here also you must score at least 80%. 

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Video Advertising: Your knowledge in optimizing a campaign via YouTube or any other web by creating videos is measured. You will have to show your capability of applying advanced concepts in video advertising campaigns in this assessment exam. Here, you will be asked to solve 74 questions in just 90 minutes with a score of at least 80%.

Shopping Advertising: Do you have the capability to manage a shopping campaign? If not, then you will have a hard time in passing this test, as it covers the advanced as well as fundamental concepts of creating Shopping campaigns by making a Merchant Center account. This exam consists of 60 questions that you need to complete in 90 minutes by scoring a minimum 80%.

Mobile Advertising: The last one is Mobile advertising assessment in which your knowledge in applying intriguing ways to manage mobile-based advertising campaigns is measured. Solve all the 70 questions in just 90 minutes with a score of at least 80% and you will be able to pass this test. 

 In How Many Languages Google AdWords Certification Assessments Are Available?

In 19 languages Google AdWords certification assessments are available and these are:

US English and UK English, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese, Latin American Spanish and Spanish, Brazil Portuguese and Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, French, Vietnamese, German, Turkish, Italian, Slovak, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Thai, and Polish.

 Can You Stop the Timer During Google AdWords Assessments?

It is important to understand that while taking Google AdWords certification exams, your timing starts with the timer and you cannot stop or pause the timer any time even if any problem pops up with your browser or your computer during the exam. In such a situation the timer expires, which means you need to take the test again after waiting for one day.

 Tips for Passing Google AdWords Exams

Whether it is Google AdWords Fundamentals or any of the aforementioned five area particular exams, you need to follow these ways to pass the exam.

Step 1: Study simultaneously with your work

You can either study without taking leave or can take a leave and then do the preparation. The former one is preferred here as it will let you pass the exam without disturbing your official work. You can spare an hour or two daily for your studies and can opt for some books or study guides for the preparation of the exam.

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Step 2: Opt for a platform that offers you different preparation materials

The second step includes the selection of a platform which helps you in the preparation of IT certification exams. Now here you will find the following material options:

Google AdWords Tutorials

The best way to clarify all your doubts regarding the advanced, as well as the basic concepts of AdWords, is to buy a high-quality training course. This is usually of certain hours and you can attain maximum knowledge from a good tutorial.

Exam Dumps

Exam dumps are files that contain questions and answers which will help you either to revise the learned material or to learn it from scratch if you don’t have enough time for your exam preparation. It’s a great option if you use the most valid dumps, for example, from such reliable web resource as Prepaway. Being constantly updated, Prepaway’s dumps help you find your weak areas and train them unlimited times. As for the validity of dumps, at Prepaway they have been created by the real exam takers, and carefully checked by IT experts. So, becoming a Google Adwords certified professional depends on you and your preparation process. Make it effective and do not forget to get the dumps of a good quality for Google AdWords.

 Exam Testing Engine

Your preparation remains incomplete if you do not opt for the Exam Testing engine. This will let you get an insight of the actual exam and will fade away your nervousness by making you acquainted to the online exam environment. The files you get from Prepaway can be opened on the VCE Player – this modern educational tool allows you to track your results and improve them as well as gain the skill of time management, as it contains the option of time setting.


As of now, you would have understood about Google AdWords Certification and how its assessments can be passed in one go. You just need to adhere to the aforementioned tips, get the most updated dumps from a reliable web resource Prepaway and you will be able to become Google AdWords certified.

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