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Traditional Marketing vs. Digital marketing

Traditional marketing is the most tried and easy mode of marketing, that has been the choice of advertising and marketing since ages. This includes:

• Newspaper
• Radio
• Television
• Ads in weekly newspapers/magazines
• Flyers and billboards

Now, the modern era of the Internet has its influence in every sphere of life including marketing strategies.
Therefore, using social media platforms to uphold marketing is presently known as digital marketing.

According to a report by Ad Age (a global media brand publishing analysis, news, and data on marketing and media); digital marketing will beat TV advertising within the next few years and will represent 36 percent of all ads spent by 2019.

Presently, around 60 percent of marketers say that they need to restructure the ways they do advertising to take benefit of the new and evolving cutting edge technologies presently available in the software space.

You might feel constrained to think whether digital media is the ideal means to reach your consumers. But if you look into the following stats, you may be compelled to think otherwise:

• 81 percent of shoppers search online before they make a purchase
• 58 percent of the adults in the U.S are on Facebook
• 23 percent of the U.S citizens make use of LinkedIn
• 19 percent of the U.S adults use Twitter accounts
• 52 percent of the U.S demography use more than one social media platforms

Moreover, in the last couple of years, Digital Media Marketing has increased rapidly and currently is estimated to cross $186.2 Billion in its spending.

Therefore, in the present time, the idea to build a right and the perfect balance between tradition and digital marketing strategies for your business is needed in order to create a larger impact.
This is because, using a strong online presence in marketing is critical and important to remain in the game, but deciding in what way or how much of it is needed can present a real challenge to businesses.

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Hence, to achieve this target here are half a dozen ways your business can consider using both these forms of advertising strategies to find rapid business growth :

1. If you are trying to promote your brand as an enterprise or even a small business, you can run a printed advertisement campaign in a magazine or send direct mailers to the consumers of your offerings.

In addition to these marketing efforts, you can also run an email marketing campaign if you are using Salesforce CRM for your enterprise-level company or a Salesforce Alternative CRM for SMBs, using your existing email addresses that are stored in the CRM database, as well as run a competition on a social media platform like Facebook.
Apart from this creating and developing a suitable strategy for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and making it run in place, does also helps the prospects and customers of your offerings to find your brand via search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

2. Secondly, you can promote your digital marketing channels like your businesses’ social media channels over all your printed business collaterals, such as leaflets, posters, and business cards.

3. There are certain consumers in the modern digital marketplace that still believes in buying from brick-and-mortar shops rather than from e-commerce online stores.
Now for these customers, your business can run online geo-targeted paid advertisements to create an awareness of your brick and mortar store.

4. Your business website may also ask your prospects who visits your website to fill in a simple form by using a ‘Landing Page’ which can be quickly created by using an easy to use CRM solution and request them to provide basic details of their personal information, after which you can let your sales teams follow up with these prospects through personal visits or phone calls.

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5. Social media is an excellent platform to keep people in general updated about your brands’ near future events that your company may be hosting, and also keep them continuously updated during the event, which can help in keeping in touch later-on with all your potential customers interested in your offerings.
There are many businesses nowadays that even have their Twitter Wall, with live tweets and event ‘Hashtags’ to encourage and find more engagements.

6. Lastly, you can request people at large to submit their own slogans and contents for your brand’s static billboards, since promoting this activity through social media platforms and traditional advertisement tools may encourage them to receive email communications from your company later on or even buy your special one-time offerings in the future from your e-commerce or online store.


Therefore although digital marketing strategies are more appealing to the younger generation of digitally savvy marketers for it provides a extensive reach of a company’s message, but nevertheless utilizing both traditional and digital marketing strategies at the same time provides customers with an in-store feeling for their desired products or services that they wish to buy, which helps in generating faster outreach and rapid business growth.

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