How to Control Your Email Inbox: 10 Ways That Work

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When marketers sleep at night, they dream about email click rates in the double digits, social media campaigns with organic reposts by celebrities, and, maybe, just finally reaching Inbox Zero.

That last dream may not be so elusive, and an infographic by NetCredit can help you get there.

Though we can all appreciate that email adds a huge convenience to our lives, 83% of employees actually become more stressed when using email, the infographic claims.

So what’s a busy marketer to do? The infographic gives tips on filtering, adding productivity apps, and creating templates that can help you manage that out-of-control inbox.

To get started, check out the infographic:

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Laura Forer is the manager of MarketingProfs: Made to Order, Original Content Services, which helps clients generate leads, drive site traffic, and build their brands through useful, well-designed content.

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