How to Hire Content Writers

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Are you still struggling to find suitable content writers for your blog?

Are you still putting all your efforts to find someone who can help you to grow your blog?

If the answer is Yes, then be with me just for next 3-5 minutes.

I know how it feels when we work day and night to grow our blog and then get stuck at one stage because of too much other activities. Ultimately we don’t find time to write for our blog and it starts going in wrong direction.

Right now I am managing 2 big blogs and around 4-5 niche blogs, so managing my duties smartly was one of the biggest tasks for me.

After thinking for too many days, finally I decided to hire writers for my blog.

In this article I am going to talk about few of the basic steps which you must consider before hiring content writers, process of finding suitable writers and finally how to handle them.

So let’s start.

Why do we want writers?

  • To reduce the extra headache.
  • To run a blog on automation.
  • To invest our time in other activities.
  • To get blog’s popularity by continuously feeding articles.
  • To make search engines happy.
  • To get more exposures.
  • To please our returning visitors.
  • To get more quality links from other sites.
  • To make extra money with blog.

and there are other too many inter-related benefits which we are going to get after hiring writers for our blog.

#1 Check Forums

Forums are the best platforms to grow any business online.

Either check premium internet marketing forums or free one, you can get too many benefits.

I was looking content writers for my blog Android Rooting, so I started stumbling few of the big android niche forums.

You can search on Google for the term – Your Niche + Forum.

Let’s search for “Android + Forum” (excluding quotes)


With this term you can get tons of great forums which are helping people to solve their problems and have thousands of members helping each other.

Once you are in the forum, you can check the popularity of it by checking the number of threads and posts.

See example:

By digging little more, you can find the active members in the forum and contact them personally.

Here is my copy which I sent to few of the content writers.

#2. Check Facebook Groups

This is one of the easiest processes to find content writers for your business because we spend most of our time on Facebook. 😉

Content Writing, Writers and Freelance Writers are two one of the best groups which can help you to find suitable writers for any niche.

Format to post in Facebook groups.

I am looking for a content writer who is comfortable to write about [Your Niche].

My requirement is X number of articles per week/month and each article must have atleast X number of words.

I am willing to pay $X-Y per article.

Payment mode would be either via NEFT or PayPal transfer.

Ping me if you can write on this [Your Niche].

#3. Check Google Plus Communities

Google Plus has more professional people than any other social media websites.

I searched for my keyword “Android” and there were tons of popular communities in front of me.

See the communities


You can join popular communities and find most active members there. Either contact them directly or post your requirement in the community.

#4. Try Freelancing Websites

Hire Writers and Odesk are my favorite sites when I want to do build any secret niche blog.

Search for “writer” and select appropriate category > subcategory.

Or you can search the keyword for which you are looking writers.

Odesk has great feature to find article writers based on categories. So you can filter them according to your requirements and contact them personally.

Give them easy to understand requirements and instructions.

#5. Ask to Your Friends

This is the easiest process to find best content writers for your blog. Ask your friends if they are running any blog and managing it with the content writers.

They can either give you their own content writers or help you to find the places for getting good writers.

Few tips while hiring:

  1. Always tell them their duties.
  2. Make them understand all your requirements.
  3. Instruct them to write atleast X number of words in each post.
  4. Clear the mode of payments.
  5. Keep doing supervision time to time.
  6. Maintain your doc file (or any other data keeping software) very carefully.
  7. Instruct them not to copy article from other sites.
  8. Instruct them to use free images.
  9. Be friendly with them.
  10. Offer them free goodies. 🙂

How to handle them once you have hired?

Handling all writers alone was the another biggest tasks for me because I have never done it before. I used to have 2 content writers for a niche blog but managing them was a easy process because I was giving the article title to write content.

But this time I hired 4 writers.

So handing them itself was a big task.

So I decided to use Google Docs because this is available in every corner of the world and we can access the data by sitting any part in the world.

Here is how my spreadsheet looks like..


Check the live version here.

Note: If you don’t want to use Google Docs then you can try an awesome project management software Asana to handle the tasks.

Using this spreadsheet I am able to keep track on article title, number of words, date added, date published and date of payments. This simple practice helped me to do best synchronization with my writers.

So when I am paying them fee, I just scan the sheet and count the number of articles submitted by them.

Final words

If you are a blogger, any big website owner or any SEO company, this guide can help you to find writers who are experts in that particular field. So you are not only going to make your blog, website, clients happy but also you are going to provide 100% information as well.

I have personally used all these methods and they worked great for me.

If want to add anything extra in this article then feel free to give your valuable tips.

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