How to Live A Remarkable Life (The Secret? Be The Exception)

Things look pretty bleak…

  • 17 out of 18 women make less than $100,000 per year. 1
  • In 114 countries, more than half of the adult population is overweight. In America it’s closer to two-thirds. 2
  • “Poor at 20, Poor for life.” A new study indicates that from the 1980s to 2000s, people are less likely to move up the income ladder… even with an education. 3
  • Loneliness is becoming the next public health epidemic. And even though we are more connected than ever, people are feeling MORE lonely. 4

The odds are stacked against us…

…but I believe we all have the opportunity to, as I call it, Be The Exception.

And while we must continue to fight for what’s right, we must also strive to become one of the people who BEATS the odds.

We must look these statistics in the face and scream “NOT ME!”

We must strive to Be The Exception.

  • “17 out of 18 women make less than $100,000 per year? We need to change this. But I will be the 1 out of 18 who makes more. #BeTheException”
  • “Two-thirds of people are obese? We need to fight against bad food. But I will be the 1 out of 3 people who lives at a healthy weight. #BeTheException”
  • “Born poor? Stay poor? We need to fix our education system. We need to make things fair for everyone. But I will get rich. #BeTheException.”
  • “People are lonely? We need to figure out what’s happening. But I will pursue healthy relationships that make me feel fulfilled. #BeTheException.”

I’m Derek Halpern, and I’m the founder of Social Triggers. I’ve always said that I created Social Triggers to help business owners and entrepreneurs get ahead in business and life.

Or, in other words, I created Social Triggers to help people Be The Exception.

You may have seen my short motivational video about just that…

And you may also know that we’ve helped people start their business. We’ve helped people attract remarkable customers. We’ve helped people launch their blog and build highly engaged audiences. We also helped people be more confident.

And we will continue to do that.

But I noticed something interesting…

When I talk to my successful entrepreneur friends, people who live the #BeTheException Life, I noticed that we all focus on several areas of personal growth and development.

As a matter of fact…

I noticed that people who truly #BeTheException focus on 3 Core Pillars of Growth and Development.

#BeTheException Pillar #1: Business (and Career)

People focus on their business and career. After all, more money means more options. Also people like knowing they’re working towards building something bigger than themselves.

#BeTheException Pillar #2: Health (and Fitness)

People focus on their health and fitness. Especially now. We want to make money, pursue our passion, do something amazing, but we need to be healthy. No one wants to be the most successful person who got sent to the cemetery earlier than anticipated.

#BeTheException Pillar #3: Happiness (and Fulfillment)

People find happiness through different ways. We focus on our friendships. We focus on our relationships. We focus on our children. We focus on self-development. And this is equally as important as everything else. Sometimes even more important.

These are the 3 pillars of the #BeTheException life and mindset.

And they are all important.

Now, don’t get me wrong…

I understand how hard it is to focus on these other areas of your life when you’re building your business, but ignoring them can have detrimental effects.

For example, I found out I had a heart condition, got a heart procedure that cured it, and still didn’t take my health seriously.

Fast forward a couple years later and I had high blood pressure and was 30 pounds overweight. Then, last year I made a lifestyle change. I focused on my business (and I launched 3 new products, 2 courses and a software product). I also focused on my health (and lost all that weight I gained).

No matter how bleak the odds…

…we all have the opportunity to #BeTheException.

And I want to help you do it.


What I want to hear from you is this:

How are you focusing on each of these 3 key pillars of the #BeTheException life right now?

How are you working on:

#BeTheException Pillar #1: Business (and Career)

Are you launching a new product? Are you starting a new business? Are you trying to grow your email list?

#BeTheException Pillar #2: Health (and Fitness)

Are you working on your diet? Are you going to the gym? Are you walking more? Are you trying to stand more often?

#BeTheException Pillar #3: Happiness (and Fulfillment)

Are you investing in your relationships? Are you building a family? Are you making new friends? Are you investing in yourself?

If you’re only focusing on one pillar right now, that’s okay. Share that too. But I’m curious to hear what you are currently working on and how you’re working on it.

Leave a comment.

And share this with someone who needs to hear this message.

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