How to make tutorial video with iFun Screen Recorder

How to make tutorial video with iFun Screen Recorder

Screen recording software is best to make tutorial videos if you’re a content creator. The screen recording software helps you record anything present on your screen. Moreover, with the features of the recording software’s you can edit your recorded videos as well.

The iFun screen recorder is a free recorder that allows you to capture your entire screen. You can record high-quality tutorial videos without a watermark or any limit. Moreover, the software will enable you to record with the webcam on, and you can also record games.

Now let’s explore how you can make your tutorial videos with the IFunScreen Recorder.

Steps to Make Tutorial Videos with iFun Screen Recorder

With the free features of the iFun recorder, you can create high-quality tutorials without lagging. You can choose the video and audio formats according to your need. Moreover, you can take screenshots while recording your screen in your desired format. The video you get is with No watermark and you can record unlimited times.

Here we jotted down the steps to make tutorial videos with iFun Screen Recorder:

Step 1

First, you have to download free iFun Screen Recorder from your browser. Open the software, and you’ll see some options. The first thing that you have to do is explore the settings. You’ll see a screen; by clicking on it, you can choose your desired screen format.

You can choose a full screen, a specific window, or a fixed ratio. Make sure that your speaker, microphone, webcam, and mouse option is on if required.

Step 2

After Saving your screen formats and audio options, you can start recording. You can press the F9 button to stop the recording or click on the red recording button to stop the recording.

Step 3

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When your recorded video is ready, you can edit it by clicking on the edit. Moreover, with the edit features, you can trim your video from the beginning or can cut it from the end.

Step 4

Now let’s explore more settings of the iFunscreen recording software. In the upper right-hand corner, you can see the options button. By clicking on options, you can access features of the software one by one from the settings.

Step 5 (Set the Recordings)

From the record option in the settings, you can tick your required boxes. You can choose options like record speaker or record microphone when recording. Moreover, you can select options like mouse clicks and highlight effects.

Step 6 (Webcam)

The software provides you simple and free features of webcam recording. From the webcam option in the settings, you can tick the record webcam overlay option. The software allows you to record HD webcam recordings.

Step 7 (Format)

For recording the best tutorial videos, you can choose different video formats. From the format option in settings, you can explore options like size, layout, and bitrate.

Click on the size and choose your desired length. You can also select your desired format from the seven available formats. Moreover, you can choose the bitrate, frame, and required quality.

Step 8 (Hotkeys)

The hotkeys feature of the free IFunsoftware allows you to set keys for different tasks. Like you can choose a key for starting or stopping your video recording.

You can set your desired key for pausing and resuming the video, and you can also set a key for taking screenshots.

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The software allows you to take screenshots while making tutorial videos. And from the hotkeys option, you can even select the format of your screenshot picture.

To wrap it up!

The iFun screen recorder makes your high-quality tutorial videos with its free features.

For other screen recorders like Bandicam, you have to spend hundreds of bucks. iFun provides the best recording experience, and you can record anything you want.  

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