How to Save Money on Your Next Laptop

Having to replace a malfunctioning laptop is a painful experience in two ways. First, if you had any unfinished work stored on it and no backups, your chances of retrieving it are gone. Secondly, purchasing a new laptop, for many people, is often a bank-breaker. 

Luckily, there are some great ways that can save you from getting trapped in a debt net while purchasing your next laptop. Let’s talk about some of them. 

Avoid buying a laptop directly from the manufacturer

It might feel like a great idea to buy a new laptop directly from the manufacturer. This is, however, a bad idea because you are likely to end up paying a higher price. Instead, it is better to buy from an authorized distributor. There are also many online retail platforms where you can get an amazing deal on your new laptop purchase. Plus, these online stores often offer their customers terrific discounts on special occasions. You can get a laptop at an unbelievable price if you buy it within the discount period. 

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Make a list of what you need

Premium solid-state storage, top-quality graphics cards, additional SD card slots, back-lit keypads, a high-resolution display, and blazing fast computing speed — today’s laptops are packed with top-notch features. Sure, it’s cool to have a laptop that has a bunch of premium capabilities, but it comes with a hefty price tag. The point is, do you really need so many features? You can profit if you determine the features you need before buying the laptop. Leaving out the ones you don’t need will save you a lot of money.  

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Pay less for more

If buying a laptop with super-cool features is out of your budget, you can still get one at 30% to 50% cheaper than the price of a brand new one. How? Get a refurbished laptop. If shopped from the right place, it can give you extraordinary savings without having to compromise on features, quality, or durability.

If you are buying a certified refurbished laptop with a warranty, you are getting a machine that’s almost as good as new.  Plus, buying a refurbished laptop is not just a smart money-saving strategy but also an eco-friendly step. 

Look for ex-government laptops

Among refurbished notebooks, the best ones are ex-government laptops. Governments usually buy business-grade products that ensure superior performance and reliability. Government organizations also update their machines regularly, so they come with the latest software and anti-virus packages. 

An ex-government notebook can offer you the best value for money, but it’s recommended that you shop for ex-government laptops only from reputed and trusted sellers like Recompute — we’re one of the best in Australia! 

So there you have it — few easy tips to help you save a few hundred dollars when buying your next laptop. If you’re interested in buying a refurnished laptop, check out our collection of used or refurbished laptop online.

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