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Thousands of mobile applications are being launched every day with hundreds of options to choose from Apps offering similar functionalities. It’s becoming harder for mobile app developers to make their app stand out from the crowd, even with a high-quality framework done. Many talented developers are not being able to have high conversion rates and not getting the traffic they deserve. Not knowing how to utilize press release distribution services are one of the reasons behind this drawback.

A press release may contain the announcement for launching your new Mobile app, sharing information regarding the effectiveness of the app, or as a review of similar apps in the market; explaining how your app stands out. The writing must convey the message clearly to the audience. When writing a press release, keywords having the most volume on search engines must be incorporated for boosting SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings., the leading global press release distribution company offers affordable PR Distribution plans to Mobile app developers which guarantee placements in 35 to over 200 media outlets. They offer three PR Distribution plans within a price range of $69 – $299.

The Premium Pro PR Distribution plan is the mid-range plan, ensuring 100+ media outlet placements including top-tier newswires such as ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC. Every press release distributed by will have placement in the news section, along with exposures in Google, Google News, Yahoo!, Yahoo! News, Bing, and Bing News.

If you have a software firm or need a regular conversion rate, a Monthly Press Release Subscription can provide you up 50% discounts on the PR Distribution plans based on which plan you select and the number of distributions needed in a month. For more information on the Monthly Press Release Subscriptions or to get an instant price estimation, visit:

It’s normal not having time to write a press release and hiring a professional copywriter is cheaper than ever through the PR Copywriter service. The Concierge PR Copywriting, at only $99, will craft your press release by a professional copywriter in a short 2 – 3 business days turnarounds, with the option of unlimited revisions, including Press Release SEO Audit. For securing time to book a PR Copywriter, click here.

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