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If You Want To Make Affiliate Money Through Your Blog Avoid Doing This

Bloggers are weird.


Watch this video. I’ll explain:

After reading and commenting on a few travel blogs this morning I noted something hyper-strange about the affiliate disclosures made by most of these bloggers. The whole lot of them all but apologized for selling affiliate products on their blogs.

Most bloggers said how the fee received is small. As in, I would not dare part you from more than a few pennies of your money if you click on these links and buy the products or services.

Talk about shamed based affiliate marketing. Feeling like a dirty shill, making money on links leading to products or services you endorse fully (Apparently not).

The pressing problem with this approach is: money responds to your energy. Meaning, if you feel ashamed to post affiliate links to the point where you are assuring readers that you will only make a little bit of money – enough to buy a cup of coffee in most cases – that this shame is a fear-based energy that literally scares off money, money-making opportunities and prospering bloggers who would expand your reach far and wide.

I appreciate different tacts on the disclosure front but would not partner with a blogger afraid of earning money. Because they would scare off potential profits!

If you plan on being an affiliate marketer who sells products and services through your blog check out Zac’s disclosure statement below this post. Peep his disclosure page. Simple, clear, professional. Covers all bases too. Because even if he does not earn money every time readers click on links he covers compensation through all potential link clicks. I do the same on my blog because such is a posturing, confident approach letting readers know we make money through blogging. Point blank.

No shame here. No worries or fears about earning money through affiliate channels, because we all deserve to earn money as affiliate, as product creators or as human beings.

How can you earn a living through affiliate marketing if you feel ashamed at earning a living through affiliate marketing? Not possible. Because your fear-shame energy repels money, profitable ideas, prospering people and prospering circumstances.

The Solution

I recall feeling terrible about asking my readers to even fork over 99 cents for an eBook.

I also charged a disgusting pittance for my consulting services back in the day.

Of course, I was pretty broke during those days. Or had to work like hell to make ends meet.

Things have changed.

Now I feel clear on accepting hundreds of dollars an hour for my consulting services and I have no qualms receiving even more than that for my blogging courses. Why? I don’t feel ashamed about receiving money.

Remind yourself: it is only money.

It is just money.

This is a means of exchange that is abundant, meaning, no shortage exists except in fearful, misguided minds which buy into the illusion of scarcity.

I am no Blogging Buddha but know that no shortage of anything exists in the real world. Only afraid, misinformed people would complain about me earning affiliate commissions if they buy a product so I will not allow their fear of loss to manifest as shame in my being.

It is only money. It is just money. Stop apologizing for earning peanuts – or stop justifying your little earnings all together – on affiliate commissions. Stop making it like it’s OK for readers to buy through your affiliate links because you will be earning so little money, as if that makes it acceptable.

Be bold!

You have every right to earn through your blog, whatever income streams you are working.

We all do.

Remember; it’s just money.

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