Important Features of Instagram For Marketing

Important Features of Instagram For Marketing

Instagram is the social application that has been improving the business of many B2B and B2C companies. The platform is functioning as the lead generation tool for many companies. This could be attributed to the continuously rising user base of this social application. Today, Instagram stands tall as the significant application with over 1 billion active users. Thus, it is a vast potential market where brands can find their customers. Though many platforms are continuously getting launched, it did not hamper the growth of Instagram. The rate of rising in its user base remains constant. One factor contributing to its steady growth is the new features that are getting added to this social application frequently. Hence, it provides a unique experience to its users. Thus, the social application quickly adapts to the latest trends. Instagram also has a considerable number of paid services like TikTok. For instance, TikTok has Bribble, a notable paid service that drives sufficient traffic to promotional videos. In this article, I will let you know how to excel in Instagram Marketing.

Focus On Instagram Reels:

Instagram Reels is anticipated to play a dominant role in social media marketing in the coming times. I’m saying this because the usage of reels is witnessing staggering growth ever since it was launched. Instagram Reels was launched in August 2020. Within a few months from its launch, it became the most consumed form of video on Instagram. Marketers are stating that the shorter duration content will be consumed largely in the coming years. Notably, reels possess a maximum duration of 30 seconds. Being a shorter-duration video format, reels is expected to have a strong presence for at least the next five years. So, brands should learn to excel in creating engaging reels videos, which can help them to generate quality leads. I’m making this statement because people are switching to reels as soon as they open Instagram. So, if you are hesitant to create reels videos and go with standard videos, you cannot reach a vast audience. Eventually, you will miss your potential customers. So, have a strong presence on the reels feature and come up with new videos frequently. Instagram also adds new features to reels videos to make people stay engaged.

For instance, it has recently launched a remix feature similar to the duet feature of TikTok. Furthermore, Instagram gives access to various sources to make a reels video look engaging. You can add AR effects, filters, and background soundtrack that can be chosen from the Instagram music library. All these features will help to a greater extent in creating engaging reels videos. So, explore these features as they can maximize the quality of a reels video.

Sustain Customers Through ‘Live’:

The live feature on Instagram can help a brand to stop its customers from moving to other brands. In short, you can hamper losing your customers to your competitors. Live feature is a great tool to sustain your customer base. It is the best tool according to the current situation where every industry has many companies. So, to stop your customers from switching to other brands, it is ideal to go live frequently. You can go live and interact with your audience. You can also ask them to post their feedback about your service and modifications that have to be brought to your product. Such interaction will create a healthy relationship between both sides, which is essential for a brand to have continuous growth.

Since the pandemic hits the world, you can also enquire your audience about how they are doing and provide tips to cope with the stress due to the lockdowns. Thus, the live feature can be used to strengthen the bond between a brand and its customer. If you are going to launch a new product or to let people know about the milestone accomplished by your company, you can announce them on the live videos. This feature also has a maximum engagement rate than the standard videos. According to a recent study, live videos have a nearly 2x higher engagement rate than standard videos. So, using the live feature frequently can help your brand stay in people’s memory. If you want to announce to your customers that they have to reach them as early as possible, then using the live feature will be ideal.

Wrapping Up:

Digital Marketers have opined that Instagram may surpass Facebook’s user base in the next few years and stand as the social platform with most users. This is because this platform keeps on adding new features that turn into a huge hit. So, if you want to improve the sales of your brand, then have a robust presence on Instagram. 

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