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With so many different options for website monetization and affiliate revenue in the world today, it’s always important to expand your reach and look at any new opportunities that may become available. This is especially true when working with affiliate networks and staying up to date on the latest offers within your industry and also making sure you are getting the highest payouts at all times. At the same time, it’s not just about finding the right offers and payouts, it’s also about finding a network that you can trust and has a reputation and long standing history.

Adsterra is one such advertising network that continues to make a name for itself in the online marketing and lead generation space. With already a few years of success under their belts, they’ve been able to generate millions of dollars for both affiliate marketers, bloggers, site owners and of course their valued clients and advertisers.

To learn more about Adsterra and how you can start generating more revenue with their network, let’s take a deeper look in their marketplace and business opportunity.

Adsterra Premium International Advertising Network

Adsterra Offers Premium International Advertising Opportunities

Years ago, if you were in the affiliate marketing and lead generation space, it was ok if you were only focusing your efforts on local audiences within your own country. Now, it’s all about global reach and scaling out campaigns as much as possible.  This is where Adsterra brings real value to both advertisers and publishers on their network.

As the online world of lead generation and online marketing continues to change, so do the way affiliate network work with different traffic sources, partners and advertisers. Instead of just focusing on ‘affiliate marketing’, Adsterra likes to consider themselves a “leading digital advertising company,” as they are now focused on performance-based marketing on many different levels. By working with partners throughout the world, Adsterra has over 190 geographic audiences and site partners delivering over 10 billion impressions and more than six million leads per month — this is collectively from their 20,000 successful campaigns run across all verticals.

Whether you join Adsterra as a publisher or as an affiliate, you will be assigned an account manager to help with any development, support or growth issues you might have. This type of support is free and provided by Adsterra to offer an extra added bonus to their site partners when other networks and platforms might be lacking in these areas.

In addition to the personal support each publisher and advertisers gets, they will also have access to optimized conversion tracking and real-time stats from right within their members account area.

Finding the Right Ad Format for Your Site

When it comes to on-site monetization or creating an effective ad campaign for your business, it’s important to make sure you always have the right ad placement sizes and formats available. It’s not just about the size of your creative and ad copy, it’s also about when, where and how they are displayed as well.

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Once again, this is an area where Adsterra exceeds over the competition as they have a variety of ad formats to choose from, both available on desktop and mobile devices.

adsterra display options

When creating a campaign for your account or looking to monetize ad space on your site, it’s important to go with traditional sizes like the 468×60, 728×90 and 320×50’s, as these are the classic Google Adsense alternative sizes. However, Adsterra also offers much larger sizes as well, such as 880×400 rectangles or even half-height 160×300 skyscraper banner ads. As seen in the screenshot above, site partners will also have access to popunders, interstitials, direct links and video banners. To maximize results, it’s recommended to test as many different ad sizes as possible.

As mobile usage continues to rise around the world, it would be a huge mistake to not take advantage of the mobile reach and advertising options that Adsterra also has in place. Mobile-friendly advertising options include a range of banners, popunders, and interstitials, as well as more mobile-specific formats like the sticky footer and push-up ads. Your audience is already using their mobile device to access your site and see ads across the internet, why aren’t you?

Ad tags Adsterra

One of the most complicated parts of making money with a website or blog is trying to find the right advertisements to place on your site. This is easily solved when using Adsterra as your monetization partner, as they will look at the content on your site and match it along with some of the best performing ads within their network. This allows for the best optimization on all sides of the equation.

To start serving ads from the network, all you need to do is log into your account, select your site and placement size, then place the ad code right onto your site. Adsterra will start serving ads and provide you with real-time stats in the process.

At the same time, Adsterra is also fully dedicated to their site partners and advertisers by making sure on the highest of quality in each are available on the network. All domains and website submit to Adsterra are manually approved by the admin team, which is also then followed up with a welcome email and introduction to their account manager. Everything is in place to make the monetization and setup process as seamless and profitable as possible.

When working with any ad network, it’s always good to know a few clients who they are also working with. Notable partners who work with AdsTerra include AliExpress, StarGames, and Matomy Media Group.

Adsterra Shares their Expertise and Monetization Tips

When trying to improve your business and move past the competition, it’s always recommended to try and learn as much as you possibly can. In addition to having access to your own account manager, Adsterra also has some great information, resources, and guides available on their blog as well.

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Adsterra Blog

No matter if you are completely new to the world of online marketing, or a veteran who is still looking to stay up to date on the latest trends — the Adsterra blog has a wide range of topics to help grow your business, reach and exposure in the process. Some of the most recent content on their site include:

  • Why are backlinks so important for your traffic?
  • How to promote your browser extension via SSP
  • What to choose? Popunders vs. banners
  • What is fake traffic?
  • 6 digital advertising mistakes to avoid in 2017

Be sure to check out all of the content on their site to see how some of the top marketers and brands are using Adsterra and advanced traffic methods to increase revenue and sales for their sites.

AdsTerra… Coming to a Conference Near You!

It’s one thing to work with an ad network and be able to connect with them via the internet, email, and chat — it’s another to actually get to meet with them in person. This is something Adsterra puts a big priority on, as they want to be a familiar face in the world of online marketing. Adsterra will be at PostBack in Seattle, Washington during July, and of course, will be attending Affiliate Summit East in New York City at the end of July.

Adsterra and Conferences

In addition to the many events coming up in just the next few weeks and months, Adsterra will also be making the rounds to Ad:Tech in New Delhi, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok, The European Summit in Prague, and Webmaster Access in Amsterdam.

With so many different events and conferences taking place around the world today, this leaves for the perfect opportunity for you and your team to connect with Adsterra in person.

Get Started with Adsterra Today

Now that you’ve seen what’s possible by working alongside Adsterra, it’s time to put everything into motion.

The first thing you need to do is apply to their site and get your account approved. Once this is done, you can start running campaigns across your network of sites and run their best CPM, CPA, CPC, CPL, and CPI campaigns they have to offer. Don’t forget, not matter what type of ads you are running on their site, their platform will make sure your earnings are optimized as much as possible.

Payments are sent out to affiliates on a Net-15 basis and through a wide range of methods — including Bitcoin, Paxum, PayPal and WebMoney. Adsterra also offers a 5% commission from all the revenue generated by any publishers you refer to the network.

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