Intuit’s Small Business Movie Shows the Power of Tech and AI for Every Small Business

I’ve started four companies and sold one. Starting and growing a business is challenging and hard. We entrepreneurs spend late nights pouring over paperwork, spend days working on client projects and spend weekends catching up and getting ready for the coming week.

Intuit’s powered millions of businesses with its legendary Quickbooks software to manage business finances, with Mint to power family finances, and with TurboTax to accurately and quickly file taxes.

In partnership with Intuit, I’m excited to share that Intuit is launching a heartwarming video, showcasing how with the power of intelligent automation, using Intuit’s blend of software services can help every business owner spend more time with their family, live a better life and run a much smoother business.

Large companies are investing in artificial intelligence and business intelligence, to help them increase profits, better service their customers and overall be more efficient. Small business owners do not have the resources to do this on their own.

With this friendly video, Intuit’s showcasing how it continues to save the day by investing in small business success.

From Scott Cook, the co-founder of Intuit, launching Quickbooks in his living room 35 years ago, until today, Intuit’s focused on leveraging the power of technology and data to help small business owners and families live more successful and fulfilled lives.

Quickbooks Online is one of the premier solutions for not only managing your cash flow but also gaining the INSIGHTS needed to understand where to spend, where to invest and how to smartly grow your business.

Mint helps you gain insights into your personal finances, pay bills and spend wisely.

We’ve all gotta pay taxes and TurboTax helps ensure you pay what you need to pay, no more and maybe even pay less through smart tax strategies. Beyond just paying your taxes, it’s great to use an intelligent tool that helps you get them filled quickly and correctly.

Kudos to Intuit for producing one of the first “small business movies”, reminding us that small business is big business and that every entrepreneur can be successful with the right tools.

Image: Intuit

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