iPhone 11 Pro Vs $13,000 Fujifilm DSLR Camera: Can You Tell The Difference?

The arrival of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max was heralded as a huge leap in photography capabilities for Apple. And that’s definitely accurate. But just how good is that camera setup? One YouTuber set about finding out.

To do that, YouTuber Photoshop Dad took an iPhone 11 Pro and compared it with a DSLR. The 100MP DSLR in question was a Fujifilm GFX100, to be exact. Oh, and it costs $13,000.


For comparison sake the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a 12MP camera, and starts at $999 if you go for its smaller cousin. The cameras are the same after all.

You’d expect the DSLR to have all of the bells and whistles that come with such a price tag, and you’d be right. But does that make a big difference and can Apple’s algorithmic photography blur the lines between phone camera and DSLR?

You’ll need to check the video out for yourselves to really know the answer, but from the sample shots we’ve seen, it’s very difficult to tell which was taken on an iPhone and which is from the $13,000 DSLR. The fact that this is the case, is mind blowing to us, and is a testament to how good the cameras  in the iPhone 11 lineup are.


100MP DSLR (right) and iPhone 11 Pro (right)


iPhone 11 Pro (left) and 100MP DSLR (right)

However, do note that all photos on the iPhone 11 Pro were captured in RAW, and were post-processed latter. That said, this does not take away anything from the capabilities of Apple’s latest and greatest.

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If you start magnifying images and really look we’re sure you can work out which is which. But considering few people are going to do that, we think Apple can be very pleased with its work indeed.


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