Is Apple Planning To Replace Touch With Face ID?

While everyone waits with bated breath on the unveiling of Apple’s newest flagship smartphone, the anticipation continues to mount as more rumors and speculations surface about the device. The latest leaks, if accurate, will give Apple fans something to truly be excited about as the new iPhone would sport a pioneering and game-changing feature– the introduction of Face ID.

Latest iPhone 8 leaks seem to indicate that the upcoming phone would reflect Apple’s transition from fingerprint scanning to facial recognition for security, according to Forbes. The latest component leaked suggests a 3D sensing camera module which, coupled with the lack of information on a Touch ID system, could mean that the upcoming flagship smartphone could be the first to introduce Face ID technology to mobile phones.

If this rumor is correct, it would also mean that Apple’s next flagship will be way ahead of its competitor by about two years. According to BGR, Samsung’s facial recognition system is only 2D and not the rumored 3D capability of the iPhone 8. For this reason, Samsung’s Face ID can be “hacked” by a picture, the reason why it can’t be used to authenticate financial transactions.

There is also another implication for the iPhone’s rumored 3D sensing camera. Aside from its use as a security feature of the smartphone, the 3D sensing capability could also be utilized to unlock the VR and augmented reality potential of the gadget.

One possible concern that Apple’s Face ID would need to address is speed. How long will it take the device to recognize a face? Rival facial recognition systems like the Windows Hello take a moment to process a face in front of it. If Apple wants the new technology to be the killer feature of its upcoming flagship, it needs to have a processing speed comparable, if not faster, to the current Touch ID.

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But it seems that Apple already got this concern covered. According to MacRumors , iPhone 8’s Face ID will be able to unlock the phone in just a few hundred milliseconds. Now that is fast.

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