Is your Marketing and Sales Alignment SLA positive?

Chart of the Day: 21% of respondents characterize Sales and marketings relationship as either misaligned or ‘don’t know’ – part 5 of 10.

For a working, thriving business you need a working and thriving team. If your teams aren’t happy and working together, it’s going to lead to a very disjointed business. Both teams need to work in sync to run smoothly and reach business goals.

How would you characterize your company’s Sales and Marketing relationship?

Marketing and Sales relationship

Only 22% of respondents believe their company’s Sales and Marketing relationship is ‘tightly aligned’ and have a service level agreement (SLA) in place, whilst almost half (44%) say they are generally aligned.

How would you characterize your company’s Sales and Marketing relationship? (by seniority)


It is interesting to note that when this question is dived into seniority, C-level staff (including CEO, CMO) show a higher confidence in their SLA (31%) than individual contributors to the survey (17%). Only 17% of those surveyed agree that Marketing and Sales are tightly alligned.

Individual contributors also have the highest ‘misaligned’ score up by 1% at 11% overall. A low percentage (6%) of senior staff (CEO and VP/Director) believe their Marketing and Sales staff are misaligned.

Not only does this research show the potential divide between Marketing and Sales teams, it also indicates the divide in staff by seniority.

If you can’t wait until my next Chart of the Day, you can view the full report online.


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