Jacksons Fencing signs a three-year deal with Sagittarius


Family-run home and garden fencing business, Jacksons Fencing, has signed a three-year business transformation retainer (BTR) agreement with Sagittarius agency.

Following more than 14 years working together and as one of the agency’s longest-standing clients, this renewal took place in January 2019 in which a dedicated full-time development team, plus CRO, SEO and PPC experts, account managers and project managers were provided.

Throughout their professional relationship, Sagittarius has nurtured Jacksons’ online offering, developed their SEO and PPC services and migrated their legacy, bespoke built website toSitecore 8.2 with a Ucommerce integration.

The BTR promises to delivers consistent and iterative improvements to the Jacksons’ website in a highly efficient manner, coupled with insights provided by CRO and improved customer experience. An ongoing personalisation strategy will also be developed with the team’s expert.

Since realising this new BTR relationship, Jacksons has enjoyed their highest web revenue since the inception of their e-commerce offering.

Nick Bishenden, Jacksons Fenching marketing manager, says: “Since we made the jump to the BTR we have seen a really positive impact to the outputs delivered by Sagittarius and the stats support that. As a client we are confident in the breadth and depth of expertise that the Sagittarius team provide, it’s quite unique. Our ongoing relationship with Sagittarius works in a way that makes life so simple for us, our comms are straight to the point and gets it done.”

Nick Towers, Sagittarius managing director, adds: “We are delighted that our long-term client and advocate of our agency has taken the plunge with a 3-year commitment. We consider ourselves an extension of Jackson’s team so this commitment is a real testament to the strength of our relationship. Not only do we love working with Jackson’s, but we are dedicated to delivering quality and working closely and collaboratively to see ongoing, great results. The combined skillsets of PPC, SEO, CRO & Development means we can leverage the efforts of each work stream and the results to date have been fantastic!”

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