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Are you creating content for your company but noticing only average rates of engagement? Are you tired of adding new blog posts to your website, only to find your blog’s analytics do not match the effort you are putting into creating original content? It might be time to consider revamping your content marketing distribution strategy. Creating remarkable content is only half of the content marketing equation. You must have a distribution strategy in place to ensure your content reaches as far as possible. Incorporate the following five tips into your content marketing distribution strategy, and you can significantly increase your digital marketing ROI (return on investment).

If you want help distributing your business’ blog posts, consider hosting a podcast to discuss your latest content. You can invite special guests from your industry to your podcast or host a discussion with a member of your marketing team. Regardless of whom you chat with, the key is to make a deep-dive conversation on the topic of your blog post, without revealing everything contained in your post. You still want listeners to read your company’s blog posts, regardless of whether those posts are hosted on your website, LinkedIn or Medium. If you don’t feel like going all-in on podcasting, consider using a tool like to share snippets of your blog posts on social media.

Turning your blog post into an infographic is an excellent way to distribute your company’s content further. You can embed your infographic within your blog post, share it on Twitter and Facebook, or pin it on Pinterest. The more effort you put into sharing your infographic on social networking sites, the more eyes you will attract to your blog post, and the more your SEO (search engine optimization) will improve.

Multiple Pinterest pins
Speaking of Pinterest, do not forget to create a variety of Pinterest pins to draw attention to your business’ articles. Do not settle for just one pin featuring the header image of your blog post. Pull quotes from your content and turn them into eye-catching images you pin onto Pinterest. Be sure to add plenty of relevant keywords and hashtags to your Pinterest image captions to draw more attention to your company’s content.

LinkedIn Business + personal pages
Many companies post their blog posts to their LinkedIn business page. If you also share your posts on your personal LinkedIn page, you will increase your readership. That improves your chances of attracting eyeballs on LinkedIn, but it also improves your SEO on search engines.

While some businesses have stopped using Google+ for social networking, it can still be useful for SEO. Post links to your company’s content on Google+ with an attractive image and then share your Google+ post on Twitter. Search engines are now indexing tweets, so posting your Google+ posts on Twitter helps optimize your Google+ account for SEO.

Incorporate these five content marketing tips into your content distribution strategy, and you will be amazed by how much more ROI you get from your audience outreach efforts. Improving your content distribution strategy takes time, but is definitely worth the effort in attracting new customers to your business and enhancing your thought leadership status.
Jeff Shuford is president of Tech From Vets, an award winning veteran-owned technology company. Tech From Vets merges NFL veterans and military veterans in the tech industry and develops innovative websites and mobile applications for their clients nationwide.

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