Kang Ji-hwan admits sexual assault, apologizes to victims; Seo Ji-suk to take over as ‘Joseon Survival’ lead

Actor Kang Ji-hwan, who was apprehended by police July 9 after authorities were informed that two women were sexually assaulted at the actor’s residence, has confessed to all the charges through a statement. A call was placed by one of the victims’ friends and following this, an arrest warrant was sought July 12 by the authorities on charges of suspicions of quasi-rape according to the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment, etc. of Sexual Crimes. 

Actor Kang Ji-hwan admitted to all charges and apologized to victims. (Source: Instagram)

The statement, which was released through his lawyers began, “This is Kang Ji Hwan’s law firm HwaHyun. We are conveying Kang Ji Hwan’s official statement.” It stated: “This is Kang Ji Hwan. I admit to all charges and I bow my head and sincerely apologize to the victims that I have hurt greatly with my irreparable wrongdoing. I want to also apologize to everyone that I have concerned because of this. I will accept punishment for my crimes and make atonement. I apologize profusely. Signed, Kang Ji Hwan.”

The women who were at his residence were staff members from his entertainment company who were invited over to drink after a company dinner. According to a report in Soompi, one of the victims stated she woke up to witness Ji-hwan forcing himself on the other victim. She said she believed she was sexually assaulted as well, as her clothes were in severe disarray. 

According to Article 299 of the Criminal Act of Korean Law, quasi-rape is a charge where the crime specifically requires the perpetrator to take advantage of the victim’s “state of unconsciousness or inability to resist” as a means to engage in sexual intercourse. The punishment for the said crime is imprisonment for a definite term of at least three years. According to Article 300, attempting the same is also a punishable offense. 

Actor Seo Ji-suk will take over the lead role in Korean drama ‘Joseon Survival’. (Source: Getty Images)

Also, Ji-hwan, who was working on TV Chosun’s drama ‘Joseon Survival’ will not be a part of the drama anymore and all his other activities have been halted for foreseeable future. According to a statement from Huayi Brothers Korea, the production company for TV Chosun, “We announce that actor Seo Ji Suk was confirmed to join [the drama] in the role of the main character Han Jung Rok. After finalizing the casting, ‘Joseon Survival’ will begin filming as soon as possible, and we will resume airing episode 11 starting next Saturday (July 27). Once again, we ask everyone who awaited ‘Joseon Survival’ for their understanding, and we will do our best to meet the viewers’ needs by creating a well-made drama until the end.”

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