Kate Middleton’s Brother James’ Business Going Bust While Parents Reduce Company

Kate Middleton’s brother James Middleton’s struggling business might be on the brink of closure.

According to Katie Hind, a journalist for Daily Mail, James’ marshmallow company, Boomf, is going bust as he put its bespoke delivery tricycle up for sale on eBay for $2,158. James refers to himself as the “Wonka-in-chief” and listed the item on the e-commerce site because “it has few scratches.”

Middleton’s sibling added that he spent $11,773 refurbishing it, which included putting a large front box on it. James’ staff used to transport their customized marshmallow, so selling it means a loss of at least $9,615.

Hind said that despite opening in 2013, Boomf has suffered losses of $1.3 million in each of the past three financial years. In order to pay the bills, James has taken a job as a guide at a hotel owned by Pippa Middleton’s husband James Matthews, on the Glen Affric Estate in Scotland.

A month ago, there were rumors that Middleton’s family business Party Pieces, that was started by her parents Carole and Michael, was also in financial trouble. Carole reportedly fired half of its staff and another worker was told that his job was on the line.

Among those who lost their jobs were the company’s web designer, PR agent and search engine optimization wizard. An insider said that “there is a terrible air doom and gloom about the place.”

Insiders added that in the recent months, instead of stocking the warehouse and posting out goods on demand, the products are only ordered in as required. Also, prior to axing employees, three warehouse workers were fired just days before Christmas. However, they were reportedly replaced just weeks later.

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According to some of the employees, Carole was difficult to work with due to her “high-handed” management style. She reportedly sent one employee 71 emails in one day, an excessive amount even for busy working offices. She also clicks her finger occasionally to get someone’s attention when under pressure, which some find irritating.

However, Carole’s husband, Michael, is the complete opposite. He “is a father figure who soothes staff ruffled by his wife.” Middleton’s dad is the perfect foil to her driven mom.

Kate Middleton, Carole and Pippa Carole Middleton visits daughter Pippa after delivery using Kate Middleton’s dress. Pictured: Kate Middleton, Pippa and Carole at The Goring Hotel after visiting Westminster Abbey on April 28, 2011 in London. Photo: Getty Images/Christopher Furlong

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