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kontent machine review

Building niche sites is becoming more popular as compared to 3 years back.

When I started blogging in 2011 then only few of the people were talking about niche blogs and there were only handful of blogs teaching niche blogging secrets.

But after many animals released by Google, people have started paying more attention to build niche blogs and feed content in such blogs on regular basis.

If you are one of the guys who believe on running niche blogs and then make money with them then you know the importance of getting quality articles.

So here I am going to talk about one tool which is helping me to scrape quality content from various sources and I am using them for my tier backlinking.

In this Kontent Machine v3 Review I am going to do in-depth review of this tool where tutorial will be covered itself.

Why Kontent Machine?

We, Internet marketers are busy doing lots of stuff at our own. We have made our daily routine in such a way that either we are learning new stuff online or trying various tools to rank our niche sites.

So writing content is a very tedious job for me.. it might be for you as well.

Personally for me, this is the toughest job on the earth to write content for all my niche sites.

I tried various outsourcing sites like oDesk, Hire Writers, Elance, Facebook groups but my headache was still increasing because I had to manage each and everything and give them instruction to write content according to my requirements.

So I was looking for such a tool which could help me to get rid of my extra headache and work like a smart assistant.

I was looking for a tool which could help me to generate quality content, spin it and then help me to get results much quicker than doing stuff at my own.

So I found Kontent Machine.

This one small tool had all the features so I could not stop myself buying this beast.

Features like

  1. Harvest quality content and correct automatically.
  2. Produce relevant content keeping LSI terms in mind.
  3. Produce quality articles for tier link building.
  4. 100% relevance in categories and tags.
  5. Auto generate Title, Summary and Resource box for articles.
  6. 100% relevant images and video.
  7. Powerful Spintax.
  8. Auto blogger integration.
  9. Popular spinning tools integrartion (KM Spinner, SpinnerChief, SpinChimp, Spin Rewriter, The Best Spinner, WordAi).
  10. Automatically generate content for defined tools like SENuke, Ultimate Demon, GSA SER, Sick Submitter etc.

and many other awesome features which you will find out once you will start using it.

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So what I am going to do in this Kontent Machine v3 Review?

I am going to show you each and every window of this tool so that you can know about its features, functionality, tips and settings to make your final decision.

# Main Window

This is the main window which you will see once you will start the software.

Kontent Machine v3 Review: Tutorial and 40% Discount

Here you can create new campaign, open already saved one, do quick article scrapping, check campaign blueprint and see other tools (I am going to discuss about them later in the article).

# Setting up Campaign


I did the settings as below

  1. Content source – Built-In Article Scrapper
  2. My campaign name – Blogging Campaign
  3. My main 3 keywords to find relevant content
  4. For which tier I am looking the content
  5. Which Spinner I am going to use (I am using The Best Spinner).
  6. Do I want images/video in the article?

Once all the fields are ready I will fill all the necessary details to make it work.

1. Scraper Setting

Click on the scraper setting and it will ask you for number of thread which you want to run, scraper timeout and proxies.


2. Campaign Setting

camp-settingYou can decide the amount of variation which you want to do in your articles and decide other spinner options.

3. Credentials

Kontent Machine has inbuilt ability to spin your content and produce different versions of the same content.

For this you will have to use third-party API which will get integrated in your tool and you will start getting scrapped content in spintax format. I am using The Best Spinner so adding my login details.


4. Advanced

Here you can do setting for audio/video scrapping. This will help you to scrape relates images and video from various sources to give you a ready-made article.


#5. Contextual link setting

While producing the content, it will automatically add your anchor text with given link on relevant places to make it look 100% genuine and human readable.


Make all the settings as per your need and fill contextual link as well as keywords in the next window.


# Start the Scrapping

Once you have made all the settings then click on BUILD CONTENT.

Here is the screenshot while it is scrapping the data.


# Get your article

Once it will scrape all the articles and spin it with your spinner, it will show a window like this.


Click on PREVIEW button to see the quality of scraped articles.

Check the result

  1. Article 1
  2. Article 2
  3. Article 3

Note: These are the actual results which I got after producing content with Kontent Machine.

# Import article in other tools

This is one of the killer features in Kontent Machine. You can import content directly in your link building software and use it very easily.

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Click on Build and Export button.

I am personally using GSA Search Engine Ranker so I am going to produce content for that tool only.


Once the content is produced I can import it in my GSA SER.


Note: They launched new API for V3 recently. So you can directly use the API and import content in your GSA SER easily.

## Few Extra Features ##

#1. Bookmark creator

If you want to create bookmark for your submissions then this feature is going to create many for you.


Here you can select your spinner software, output format, spintax format and number of bookmarks per keyword.

#2. Article Getter

Are you struggling to get the idea of your next article?

We have solution here. 😉

This extra advance feature will let you scrape content from various big article directories like Article Alley, Article Base, EzineArticle, Yahoo Voice and around 7 other big directory sites.


Click on Get Articles button..

and BANG!!!!

Here are actual files which it generated for me.

  1. Output of “Blogging” Keyword
  2. Output of “SEO” Keyword
  3. Output of “WordPress“Keyword

#3. Other Tools

Few tools I am going to keep secret here, so that you can try them at your own. 😉

Here is the screenshot



This tool is really very fast and accurate to generate articles for tier link building. You can save thousands of dollars by utilizing extra tools of this software.

I will personally recommend this to you if you are looking for a one-stop quality solution.


They don’t have any inbuilt proxy harvester, so you will have to buy premium proxies to make it work smoothly.

What’s the Price?

The price of this tool in $357 for lifetime and $37 if you want to pay monthly.

But for Blogging Cage readers I have requested special price.

Lifetime – $147 (Price will increase after every 24 hours.. now you will see $260.. If you skip now, then $257 for next 24 hours.. and finally $297 for lifetime).

Monthly – $29 (Actual cost is $37/month)

Here are the other tools which I mentioned in this Kontent Machine v3 Review

Try The Best Spinner for 7 Day in Just $7.

Buy 3 Premium Proxies in $6.75 (Use Coupon BCAGE to get 25% Discount).

Download Long Tail Pro for 10 Days at FREE of Cost.

Buy Kontent Machine in $29/Month – 40% Recurring Discount.

Buy GSA SER with 20% Discount.

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