Lee Elijah Talks About Her Kiss Scene With Park Seo Joon In “Fight My Way”

In a recent interview, Lee Elijah talked about her feelings before and after the kiss scene with Park Seo Joon.

In KBS drama “Fight My Way,” Lee Elijah appeared as popular anchor and Dong Man’s (played by Park Seo Joon) first love Park Hye Ran. During a flashback scene, she shared a passionate kiss with Dong Man that quickly became a hot topic of conversation.

In regards to the scene, Lee Elijah revealed, “After watching the scene on TV, I thought, ‘Was it that intense?’ In the script, the scene was only described as ‘kiss scene.’ In previous productions, my kiss scenes were just pecks on the lips. This was my first time shooting an actual kiss scene.”

She went on to share how nervous she was the day before shooting the scene. She shared, “I even asked the producer, ‘How hard should I kiss him?’ Hye Ran’s character doesn’t have much room for narration, so this scene portrayed her enthusiastic personality that swayed Dong Man well.”

She also thanked Park Seo Joon for his consideration, saying, “Since there aren’t many cases of women leading kiss scenes, I had a lot of concern. But Park Seo Joon helped me get comfortable on set. There was a scene where I pushed him to a shoe rack. It must have hurt but he was very easygoing, so I was thankful.”

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