Lee Seo Jin, Eric, & Yoon Kyun Sang say goodbye to ‘Three Meals a Day’ with a fancy Western style lunch

On October 13, the latest season of tvN‘s ‘Three Meals a Day‘ aired its final episode.

The first half of the finale showed last week’s guests, Shinhwa’s Andy and Minwoo, spending the last of their time with the main cast by fishing to their hearts’ content. The next morning, the three cast members Lee Seo Jin, Eric, and Yoon Kyun Sang greeted their final day in the fishing village and started off their breakfast with a noodle dish made with grated pears. 

For their last lunch, the trio decided to divide up the work and each contribute a dish – baking king Lee Seo Jin took charge of baking bread bowls, Yoon Kyun Sang took up the reigns with onion soup, and Eric went with the main dish, Carbonara pasta. 

Check out the men’s cuisine process above, and then enjoying their Western-style feast, below! And be on the lookout for news of the next season of ‘Three Meals a Day’!

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