Lee Yi Kyung Reveals Tip From Park Seo Joon That Helped Him While Filming

Lee Yi Kyung got a tip from his friend Park Seo Joon!

After wrapping up the drama “Children of Nobody,” Lee Yi Kyung recently sat down for an interview with the press.

When asked how he keeps his physical strength during an intense filming schedule, Lee Yi Kyung said, “I’m usually the type of person who trusts in my own physical and mental strength, but I started taking health supplements while filming this drama. I take Omega-3 and liver support supplements.”

Lee Yi Kyung shared that he’s the same age as actor Park Seo Joon, but because Park Seo Joon was in a higher year than him at university, they use a formal way of speaking to each other.

“Park Seo Joon and I work out at the same place, and he told me I should definitely take milk thistle,” said Lee Yi Kyung. “I did a lot of all-night filming for this drama, but I was at my best in terms of physical strength. I stayed up for three nights and just slept a short while, but I still feel wide awake. I think it’s thanks to the milk thistle.”

Lee Yi Kyung was also asked about his plans for the new year. “Personally, I need to move,” he said. “I also want to make music so I’m learning about composing. I studied oil painting but I want to take that up again. As an actor, it feels empty to call something ‘my project.’ But I think that if I were to create music, I’d be working on it from start to finish, so I’d be able to call it ‘my project.’”

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Watch Lee Yi Kyung in “Children of Nobody” below!

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