Long Island SEO Company, fishbat, Discusses 3 Ways The Fitness Industry Can Benefit From Instagram’s Stories Feature

PATCHOGUE, N.Y., Sept. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — One of the most interesting facts about the fitness industry is its steady growth; from year to year, it has expanded anywhere from 3 to 4 percent. It’s an industry where social media can play a pivotal role in generating new business. Long Island SEO company, fishbat, discusses 3 ways the fitness industry can benefit from the Instagram’s Stories feature.

Stories is one of the key features that Instagram offers. Originally implemented in 2016, Instagram Stories has since become one of the most widely used social media capabilities, allowing users to compile photos and videos in easy-to-follow formats. Not only has it become popular among friends and families, but businesses have taken advantage of the feature, sharing content in a fashion that was previously impossible. With so many businesses actively involved on Instagram, any SEO agency New York will recommend that those in the fitness industry do the same.

Here are 3 ways the fitness industry can benefit from Instagram’s Stories feature.

It offers flexibility. When it comes to Instagram Stories, there is no one set of guidelines for success. Simply put, Stories are anything that fitness companies desire them to be. Perhaps a company will use Stories to share coverage of a convention. This feature may also be used to update followers on fitness competitions. Whatever the case may be, Instagram Stories are flexible, making them worthwhile to implement them into your strategy.

It shares content in real time. One of the most challenging aspects of content dissemination is ensuring that it grabs the attention of followers. While a 1,000-word article can be rich with information, it may not be able to reach as many eyes as it should. Instagram Stories is unique in the sense that it can provide content in real time, directly to users. When a fitness company takes a picture or records a video, which is then added to their Story, those that follow the account will receive a prompt. This will provide users with real-time content that they find value in.

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It provides transparency. There is a lightheartedness that’s associated with Instagram, and it’s easy to see why. Being a largely visual platform, Instagram is effective at grabbing the attention of young and old users alike. What Instagram also does, especially in regard to its Stories feature, is provide a level of transparency that users gravitate to. They’re more likely to work with a fitness company that has a personal touch.

About fishbat:

fishbat Long Island Search Engine Marketing is a full-service digital marketing firm that takes a holistic business approach to their clients’ digital marketing programs. The fishbat team understands the importance of business principles just as well as the nuances of the latest digital technologies. fishbat offers every digital marketing service available from digital marketing research and planning to brand development to website and asset creation through social media management and search engine optimization programs – all custom calibrated for both B2B and B2C businesses.

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