M.A.D. Gallery showcases ‘chain’ sculptures by Korean artist Young-Deok Seo – Prestige Online


This portrayal takes the form of highly intricate sculptures that have been painstakingly welded out of chains to create human forms. Interestingly, the title of every piece contains a number that denotes the length (in metres) of the chain used to create the work. For instance, 300 metres of bike chain have been used in The thinker 300.

The thinker 300

The process of moulding the metal into a shape that conforms to Seo’s vision is a challenging one. Nevertheless, it’s a rewarding enterprise when one considers the outcome — a striking, 3-D collection of contemporary pieces that narrate stories across a sea of emotions. So evocative are some of the images that they elicit strong responses from their viewers, as well.

“It is my intention to feel what the audience sees, to reveal emotions directly without avoiding them. If they feel it’s beautiful, it will be beautiful, and if they think it’s ugly, it will be ugly; my direction is to be as honest as possible.”

Young-Deok Seo

Meditation 285


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