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The newly launched Outlaw platform seeks to help small businesses close deals faster by simplifying contracts. Outlaw helps small businesses and contractors who frequently make and sign deals with clients for products or services, do business faster with more transparency.

Outlaw transforms existing contracts from complex and unmanageable paperwork into easy-to-read, edit, share, negotiate and sign templates, available in real-time. Outlaw’s contract platform is based on a subscription model and features smart authoring tools.

A Look at the Outlaw Contract Platform

Composing, negotiating and signing contracts can be a lengthy, intricate and time-consuming process for small business owners. Being forced to spend time dealing with overcomplicated contracts means business owners are not spending time on what they do best, running their business.

By simplifying the whole process and bringing contracts ‘back to basics’, Outlaw takes the headache out of contracts, meaning small businesses don’t waste time on this often-laborious administration task.

Evan Schneyer, co-founder of Outlaw, explained in a press statement about the new contracts platform, how Outlaw brings transparency and cooperation to the contracts negotiating and signing process.

“Contracts are relationships. Because legalese is so intimidating, people lose sight of that essence. We started Outlaw to breathe mutual trust and understanding — the basis of successful relationships — back into contracts,” says Schneyer.

With Outlook’s fill-in-the-blank authoring tool that customizes contracts in seconds, small businesses and entrepreneurs can draw up contracts with custom templates.

The platform also provides summaries in plain English, which offer translated summaries without unnecessary and overcomplicated legal jargon.

Outlaw also allows contracts to be shared to multi-parties, alongside commenting and digital signing, to accelerate the legal process.

This new contract platform is ideal for small businesses and freelancers who are wanting to take their contracts and legal process to another level, whether it’s for HR purposes or sales processes.

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