Meet Dr. Brett Kotlus, A NYC Cosmetic Surgeon Who Doubled His Traffic And Now Gets Half His New Patients From His Blog

Two years ago, Dr. Brett Kotlus quit his job as a cosmetic surgeon.

Everyone thought he was nuts.


He was moving to New York to start his own cosmetic surgery practice.

“People told me I was crazy to move my practice from Detroit to New York because it’s the most competitive and expensive city to start a cosmetic surgery practice.”

When Brett started, business was tough.

He was only seeing a handful of patients at a time. He needed a way to stand out from the intense competition to survive.

Brett knew writing was one of his strengths. So, he committed to starting a blog and writing one post a week for a year.

He quickly discovered he needed some help…

“I didn’t have a lot of direction, so I would brainstorm and come up with ideas. I would write about some that would stick but others just fizzled out. I realized I was doing a shotgun approach and needed to be more focused to create a better website.”

…And that’s when he enrolled in my online course, Blog that Converts.

“It spoke to me because I was in a period of transition with both with my website and my business. I was looking for focus and direction in growing my business.”

Since joining Blog that Converts, here’s how Brett’s practice has changed:

  • He’s fully booked several weeks in advance and is now looking for his own office space (he’s currently sharing space with two other doctors).
  • Brett has doubled his traffic and estimates HALF of his new patients come from his blog.
  • His blog posts have led to a speaking engagement at a national conference, publication in a large online medical journal, and presentations on international webinars.
  • Brett was able to do all this with the help of my easy-to-implement system, Blog that Converts.

Here’s how he did it…

Change #1: He Separated Himself From Brutal NYC Competition

If you’re building an audience, the last thing you should do is occupy the same niche as your competitors.

Think about it. They’re established businesses. How are you going to get any attention doing what they’re doing?

Yet I see it time after time. New blogs that cover the SAME topics everyone in their niche is already writing about.

Nothing new. No character. No flavor. Just plain VANILLA.

These blogs never get any traction.

In Blog that Converts, I show you a technique to stand out and create a niche you can dominate. For Brett, it was a game changer.

“One important thing was to speak in my own voice. Some of my colleagues hire companies to blog for them. But their blogs become invisible because they’re all the same. They have no perspective and are generic. With my articles, people get my perspective and they know it’s my voice.”

Brett focused his blog on the sweet spot between his patients’ common complaints and the procedures he was best at.

He was able to stand out from the hundreds of cosmetic surgeons in New York by talking about the things he did differently — and better — than anyone else.

Change #2: He Established His Credibility With One Procedure

Most new bloggers struggle to show they’re credible. And then they fail to get traffic or build an email list, and they get discouraged.

How can you show people you’re the real deal?

By proving you have a unique solution for a specific problem.

In Blog that Converts, you’ll learn how to do this with one of my favorite techniques. I’ve seen it used over and over by students to give a ton of value to their audience and gain their trust.

For Brett, this took a little trial and error, which isn’t uncommon.

“I started to become known for certain procedures and I didn’t know what those were going to be before I started my practice. What helped me figure that out was my blog.

At first, I thought people wanted to look better in pictures, but I overthought it. I was trying too hard to create something that wasn’t natural for my practice. So I think being open to pivoting or changing direction was very helpful for me.”

Once Brett found a procedure that resonated with his audience, he struck gold. He’s now the #1 Google result for his best procedure:

More importantly, Brett is now known as the go-to surgeon in New York for this procedure.

Change #3: He Courted Controversy For Traffic Wins

Today there are a million things pulling for our attention. If you’re starting a blog, you have to find a way to break through all the noise and find readers.

The problem is most people use the spaghetti cannon approach: they fire, and see what sticks… But it doesn’t have to be this way.

There are certain psychological principles you can use to push the right buttons in your readers and get consistent attention.

For Brett, this meant courting controversy in the cosmetic surgery world.

“I’ve created a lot of content that says, ‘I know this works or this doesn’t work,’ and people respond to that honesty.”

Your competitors might not like you for it, but — as Brett’s results show — your customers will…

50% Of His New Patients Now Come From Reading His Blog

Since enrolling in Blog that Converts, traffic from Brett’s blog has doubled. His practice is now fully booked several weeks in advance.

It’s going so well that he’s looking to lease his own office space.

And because Brett learned the the step-by-step framework in Blog that Converts, he has created compelling content in multiple formats. He has written two books, created professional video content, and started a podcast.

His content has led to amazing opportunities, too. Brett was invited to speak at a national conference and was published in a large medical journal.

Those are amazing feats after starting his practice only two years ago – in the most competitive market in the US!

“I feel like I have a structure now. There’s a foundation for when I create something. I have an approach now, instead of just going by my whim or whatever I feel like it. I can direct that energy to my blog because I have a framework for it. I also feel less stressed because the system works.”

Blog that Converts isn’t just a collection of tips and tactics. It’s a proven system for building your blog and your business… no matter what you sell.

“You can take the pieces that work for you and apply it to your business even with a wide range of strengths and services.”

It’s so good you may even want to keep it a secret…

“I would not recommend it to people because I don’t want them to have the edge that I do. But really, I would. I’ve told a few of my colleagues about it.”

Whether you’re just getting started or been at it a while, the time is now.

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