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How do some business people get a lot of comments and likes after making posts? What marketing techniques do they use to get such an engagement? Well, read on for insights.

Why Instagram Matters in the Business World

Monthly, over one billion people are active on Instagram. A good business person will appreciate that this can help them to achieve their goals and objectives. They can capitalize on the numbers to reach many people cost-effectively.

Remarkably, engagement in any social media account is a measure of loyalty that the followers have on a business. They are ready to buy products, share stories, and comment on the content among other things. 

Different methods can be used to increase Instagram engagement namely:

  • Marketing on Other Networks 

Limiting your marketing to Instagram does not give you the kind of following and engagement that you need on social media. Many consumers tend to seek for products from different networks. Even after creating a good profile on Instagram, some of them will not be aware of your brand until you reach out to them in other networks. You must add a facebook share button among other things 

  • Post Visual Content Regularly 

Instagram is popular because people love the visual content posted on a daily basis. It has the capacity to grab the attention of the viewers more than the written content. 

Nonetheless, you must know when to post the content. Your target audience is likely to view the posts at specific times of the day. You will determine this by identifying the follower’s habits by using an insights feature of your account. This helps you to come up with the ideal posting schedule.  

Further, you must ensure that the posted content is meaningful. This necessitates that you do a search on the engines to determine what the clients need. More so, have a limited amount of posts to avoid creating an impression that you are spamming the potential clients.

It is acceptable to duplicate some of the posts that perform well. You can make a few changes to keep the viewers interested. A close analysis of the themes that make followers interested in your account will help you to come up with posts that define your brand. 

  • Interact With the Followers 

One of the mistakes that business people make is to make posts and ignore the feedback generated henceforth. The followers are likely to find other options immediately. You must always acknowledge them by responding to the comments. When the followers increase, you can employ workers to help you through.

  • Come Up With a Strong Call-to-Action

While it is vital to come up with a good story for your Instagram account, you must come up with a strong call-to-action in the end. The followers will start to take notice of your products and seek for more information. 

  • Use Hashtags Strategically 

The power of hashtags on Instagram cannot be overlooked. Find the right and relevant hashtags will help you to reach out to the ideal audience. At the same time, overusing them will lead to penalties. Striking a balance is hence important. 

The best hashtags to use should be long since they are detailed. They must always be specific so that the audience gets a perfect idea of what you are covering in the content. 

  • Use Subtitles on Videos

Some people prefer not to enable sounds when viewing online videos. This is because there are many posts being thrown their way on a daily basis. You must determine to reach out to them by coming up with subtitles in all your videos. It also reaches out to the hearing-impaired demographics and foreigners. 

  • Partner With an Influencer 

You will create brand authenticity and push your message to a wider audience after partnering with an Instagram influencer. They are perceived to be independent of a brand and thus, the audience is likely to believe their opinions. 

There are two options when selecting an Instagram influencer. First, you may opt for celebrities in your local community and beyond. This helps you to get the numbers. However, they may not be worthwhile if they do not understand your marketing goals. It is also an expensive option. 

The second option is to find people who have already been doing marketing on related brands online. The YouTube stars, for instance, do not only have a huge following, but they also know how to market a product successfully. The option is cheap. 

Notably, you must provide an Instagram influencer with the right tools and resources so that they can do a proper campaign on your brand. They should be well compensated and trained accordingly. 

  • Come Up With a Contest

Consumers are generally drawn to activities that involve competitions. They yearn to win regardless of the size of the prize. You can take advantage of this by coming up with a contest on Instagram. 

Further still, monitor the contests closely so that you can understand what the potential clients need. It is also vital to solving issues promptly. The results of the contests should be published afterward. 

  • Utilize Emojis 

It is undeniable that people are driven towards content that uses emojis effectively. Indeed, images have more power than words. Come up with emojis that express your opinions and facts without necessarily being overly informal. 

  • Pay Keen Attention to the Trends 

It is almost impossible to create interesting content when you are unaware on the trendy topics on social media. Finding out what your potential clients are spending more time reading and viewing is, therefore, pertinent. You can offer your own point of view when doing the posts or even show the audience how your brand can solve their most pressing needs. 

Certainly, there are many ways to increase your Instagram engagement. A proper evaluation of your company’s goals and clients needs can help you to determine the ideal method. It is also critical to consider the resources at your disposal. Still, you can ask for the professional help from some reliable source like to make the right decisions. 

Writer’s Bio: Tom Peterson

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My name is Tom and I currently reside in the United Kingdom. My greatest assets are my words and I enjoy using them to make the lives of others easier. I have been writing professionally for about three years and they have been the most beautiful years of my life. Second to writing, hot chocolate is my greatest addiction. You can reach out to me at [email protected]

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