Netizens praise Han Seo Hee for her intelligence and looking at the bigger picture

Following recent revelations regarding YG’s drug scandal, netizens are praising Han Seo Hee for her ability to think ahead and look at the bigger picture by taking pictures as evidence.

After meeting with Yang Hyun Suk, Han Seo Hee took pictures of YG’s concert poster in the bathroom with a timestamp to take as evidence of her meeting with him. Han Seo Hee stated that because she was fearful of the situation, she wanted to leave a record of her meeting. 

Netizens expressed their support for the controversial figure in online comments. 

“I support you…”

“You must have had a hard time. I support you.” 

“Now that I look back Han Seo Hee was ridiculously manipulated by YG and prepared to break the news one day lol I support you.”

“Wow, all this time I was swearing at you but I didn’t know, I apologize.”

“This b*tch sure is smart, she was the one getting all this hate but she reversed everything around.”

“She’s brilliant kekeke And she was being cursed at for being such an attention seeker.”

“She was looking at the big picture this whole time, she’s so smart.”

What do you think of this entire situation? 

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