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NEW ORLEANS, LA / ACCESSWIRE / April 18, 2020 / New Orleans, LA based Infintech Designs is reaching out to the businesses in their community in order to encourage them to invest more time in their websites, particularly where their accessibility, aesthetic appeal and usability are concerned. The company highlights the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to more people being online at any given time, making it imperative for local businesses to ensure that their online presence is as welcoming as possible.

Infintech Designs states, “You may not expect people to visit your website, particularly if you’re a small or relatively unknown business. While this is true to some extent, you should not ignore the fact that this period presents an opportunity for you to market yourself and your services more effectively. Many more people are online at the same time now, giving you access to a greater pool of potential customers who may want to patronize your business once the economy recovers. In certain circumstances, your products or services may even be more attractive now than they were previously.” To capitalize on this information, the agency suggests that businesses take on a two-pronged approach to revitalizing their online presence.

First, they need to ensure that their website is in line with modern standards and can handle a higher volume of traffic if necessary (this factor varies wildly with the type of business in question, and some may not need to invest any further in order to keep up with the number of visitors they get). This means that it should feature an attractive visual design that is free of clutter and, most crucially, easy to navigate. A website’s visitors are more likely to stay and explore what it has to offer if it looks appealing and intuitively directs them to the products and/or services they are interested in.

Infintech Designs points out that it may not be necessary for the business to expect a sale every time this happens-many people will be reducing their expenditures in light of the ongoing health crisis and the resulting economic downturn. However, they remind business owners that the crisis will not last forever, so it can be equally important for a website to instill a lasting impression on a customer who will want to come back and make their purchases later when they are on a better financial footing.

Next, despite the fact that more people are online, this may not necessarily mean that they will stumble onto a business’ website. Therefore, it is up to the business to draw in these customers in any way they can. While launching an advertising campaign may seem like the obvious path to take here, Infintech Designs states that another option is available: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In addition to boasting a great deal of potential to reach a wide audience, SEO is relatively inexpensive to run, making it a more practical form of marketing for businesses that have seen a drastic drop in customers in recent weeks.

In New Orleans, businesses will specifically want to make use of local SEO to bring themselves to the attention of potential customers. As Infintech Designs states on their website, “In the world of marketing, search engine optimization reigns supreme, bringing in higher and more consistent ROI than almost any other channel out there. And while we live in a global economy, the world is becoming smaller, and Google is wising up on the ways it can personalize and tailor localized search results to individuals proximal to the business or service they are searching for. At Infintech Designs, we leverage the power of Google and the ways in which we can help our clients optimize for localized searches that drive phone calls, walk-ins and sales for their local New Orleans businesses.”

Reviews from the previous clients describe the value they found in working with Infintech Designs and their marketing experts. In a 5-Star Yelp review, for instance, a client shares that they believe Infintech Designs is, “The best digital marketing shop in the state and one of the top in the country. Hard to think of a business that can’t benefit from Infintech. Bonus, the owner is a great guy with a hilarious sense of humor and some crazy stories!”

More information can be found on their website at New Orleans businesses are welcome to reach out to Brian Hong of Infintech Designs in order to follow up on any further inquiries. The agency is practicing safe social distancing at the moment and will be pleased to discuss strategies with their clients via digital channels if necessary.

Infintech Designs – New Orleans Web Design, SEO, & Digital Marketing Company
3436 Magazine St #120
New Orleans, LA 70115

For more information about Infintech Designs, contact the company here:

Infintech Designs
Brian Hong
[email protected]
Infintech Designs
3436 Magazine St., #120
New Orleans, LA 70115

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