The new AllSocial social media platform

New Social Media Platform AllSocial Promises No Limits

With the major social media apps often accused of limiting the exposure of posts or using their reach to pitch paid content, a new social media platform vows to make sure your friends see your posts your way, regardless of ideology.

The app AllSocial promises to provide its members unprecedented connectivity between their friends and 100% reach on every post. Its design also commits to never selling user data. It’s a service answering a problem AllSocial’s major established competitors like Facebook and Twitter created by inviting accusations on everything from censorship to ideological bias.

The announcement introducing AllSocial to the world reports that current social media posts often reach less than 5% of a given user’s friends and followers. Reversing that proposition, most users would then not realize they’re only seeing a fraction of the posts from the friends, events and organizations they follow.

AllSocial pledges no algorithms limiting the reach of content and will not filter or elevate content based on any ideology or interest. The idea is to “empower all users to get the maximum reach for all posts and shared content.” While looking to provide more liberated content on its own platform, AllSocial accommodates posts from a user’s various other social media accounts.

Obviously, AllSocial picked an interesting time for a social media service to jump into the fray with COVID-19 dominating world news. As soon as it launched, the app created resources and communities with daily news updates, in-home workouts, project tips, etc., to answer social distancing challenges.

AllSocial patrons can access geographically sorted live news feeds to see current and local health related updates. When they create an AllSocial profile and follow the specially created Hope and Help pages during the Coronavirus crisis, the firm will make donation on each user’s behalf to various charities providing food based assistance for quarantined people in need.

Currently, more than 1.6 million people joined AllSocial. While the app does not use an algorithm to determine what they see, it gives content power and control back to them by delivering posts to all of an account’s given followers. Beyond the personal profiles for those million-plus users, AllSocial continues to build up categorical pages in Diet and Fitness, Home, Garden, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Sports, Food, Pets and Crafts.

The latest version of its mobile app is available in the app stores for both iOS and Android devices, or AllSocial can also be accessed via the web.  

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