NU’EST’s Hwang Min Hyun Talks About His Favorite Song Right Now, Photo With Park Seo Joon, And Future Plans

NU’EST’s Hwang Min Hyun got fans excited with an update on his life.

On January 31, Hwang Min Hyun held a live broadcast on Naver’s V Live for the first time since reuniting with NU’EST after the end of Wanna One’s contracts.

“Hello, it’s NU’EST’s Min Hyun,” he began. “I filmed something today. I’m slowly preparing various things, so please wait a little bit. All of you will like it. I’m happily preparing some things, so please wait a little while.”

Expressing his love and concern for his fans, Hwang Min Hyun continued, “It’s cold today. I hope you’ll eat something hot to warm up. I’m eating well to take good care of my health. I hope all of you also eat well.”

The singer then answered some questions from his fans. When a fan asked about a book he’s reading these days, Hwang Min Hyun answered, “I enjoy reading books, but I wasn’t able to. These days, I have some more free time so I’m reading again. I found a good passage while reading and shared it with you guys. I usually like mystery novels, but also enjoy books about the humanities.”

Speaking about music, he said, “Music and I are inseparable. I always listen to music when I’m showering, exercising, and before I go to sleep.” He then named NCT 127’s ballad “No Longer” as the song he currently enjoys listening to.

Hwang Min Hyun then expressed happiness when hearing that it snowed for the first time this year in his hometown of Busan. “It usually doesn’t snow a lot in Busan,” he explained. “I should call my parents. I’m curious how they feel after seeing snow for the first time in a while.”

Park Seo Joon recently attended Wanna One’s final concert and Hwang Min Hyun had shared a photo of the two of them together on his Instagram. The singer explained, “I liked him for a long time and frequently heard that I looked like him. I got to meet him since I like him, like how all of you go to see singers that you like.”

He concluded, “I think I’m going to go see my parents for Lunar New Year. I will do many V Live broadcasts from here on out. I came on after a long time, and from now on, I’ll see you often. I hope you’ll eat a good dinner. Thank you so much.”

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