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We love to help folks make awesome websites. For a while now, we’ve been answering questions from developers, site-owners, webmasters, and of course SEOs in our office hours hangouts, in the help forums, and at events. Recently, we’ve (re-)started answering your questions in a video series called #AskGoogleWebmasters on our YouTube channel

(At Google, behind the scenes, during the recording of one of the episodes.)

When we started with the webmaster office-hours back in 2012, we thought we’d be able to get through all questions within a few months, or perhaps a year. Well … the questions still haven’t stopped — it’s great to see such engagement when it comes to making great websites! 

To help make it a bit easier to find answers, we’ve started producing shorter videos answering individual questions. Some of the questions may seem fairly trivial to you, others don’t always have simple answers, but all of them are worth answering.

Curious about the first episodes? Check out the videos below and the playlist for all episodes!

To ask a question, just use the hashtag #AskGoogleWebmasters on Twitter. While we can’t get to all submissions, we regularly pick up the questions there to use in future episodes. We pick questions primarily about websites & websearch, which are relevant to many sites. Want to stay in the loop? Make sure to subscribe to our channel. If you’d like to discuss the questions or other important webmaster topics, feel free to drop by our webmaster help forums and chat with the awesome experts there. 

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