OneDine Makes a Free Offer to Keep Restaurants Going

The impact of the coronavirus on the restaurant industry has been devastating. This has mobilized individuals and companies in and out of the industry to come up with innovative solutions to keep restaurants going. And innovate is what OneDine has done with its platform.

OneDine is going to allow restaurants to turn their parking lots into a touch-free order, pay and pick-up venue. Best of all, it is doing so at no charge. And the free offer is to all restaurants in the U.S., no contracts and no commitments.

Along with the #SaveOurRestaurants campaign, OneDine is going to make it much easier for restaurant owners to stay operational while exercising social distancing. This is the brainchild of Rom Krupp, the CEO of OneDine, who has over two decades of experience in restaurant technology.

The Visibility of the Restaurant Industry

There is no question businesses across all industries are suffering because of the pandemic. However, restaurants are very visible in every community around the world. So, when they slow down or close their shop entirely, more likely than not most of us probably know someone who is being affected.

According to the National Restaurant Association, there are over one million restaurants in the U.S. employing 15.6 million people. And the association says 7 in 10 restaurants are single-unit operations. This means they are local small business owners who are close to the community they serve.

The innovation and free offer from OneDine is going to allow restaurants to continue operating without jeopardizing their health.

OneDine Coronavirus Offer

It is worth mentioning again OneDine is making this offer for free. This after the company just raised $5 million in Series A round of funding in January, which put the company to a pre-money valuation of $90 million.

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The offer will waive all of the setup and transaction fees of its Tap & Order and Tap & Pay features. The first and obvious benefit during the COVID-19 crisis is servers and guests are going to use a touchless system. Employees and guests won’t have to touch menus, credit cards, pens, receipt holders and any other device.

How Does it Work?

The first way you can use the OneDine is by simply turning the parking lot of your restaurant into a venue for customers to order and pay for their food.

You place a QR code in your parking lot on a stand sign. When the customers show up, they scan the code, where it begins to launch a mobile-friendly web page of the restaurant. The guest then proceeds to order and pay from their phone. The food is delivered to their car and they are done.

The second way is for customers to pre-order from their mobile device before they get to your parking lot.

According to OneDine, you can start using it whether you have an existing online ordering platform or not. As the company says, “No touching, no calling-ahead or giving out your credit card number, no hassle!”

The Innovation of the OneDine System

The OneDine system is a 360-degree solution for guests, servers, and management with a seamless interface that eliminates credit card chargebacks.

Once you have the system up and running your guests can order tableside and pay without an additional app. You can monitor tables in real-time, personalize menu offerings, and enhance your marketing efforts with timely offers and promotions.

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Furthermore, you can use the real-time data and feedback it gathers to improve the operations of your restaurant across the board.

Safe Distance Pay Technology

Although cash is king, it is very dirty and a great way to pass on a host of diseases, including COVID-19. When it comes to plastic, the virus can potentially live for up to three days.

By eliminating all of these points of contact, safe distance pay technology can complete payments with the mobile device of the customer. When a guest is ready to pay, the new payment systems don’t require a card, they don’t need to press a button, sign a screen or deal with a terminal.

The fewer the touchpoints during payment, the lower the risk of transmitting the COVID-19 or any other disease.

During this drive, the OneDine system can be set up in as little as 24 hours. You can call 888-551-DINE or fill out the form on this page.


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