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Working as a successful entrepreneur does not require massive funding or high rent costs in a bustling city. With the advent of the internet, starting your very own business is possible online, right from the comfort of your own home.

Launching an online business requires less overhead costs and expansion costs, allowing you the ability to pursue your idea even if you do not have investors or a major bank’s support. Before you move forward with your online venture it is important to compare and review your options. Understanding the different types of online businesses that provide optimal results is a way to ensure you choose an endeavor that is most likely to work for you, your skills, and your desired lifestyle.

Launch an eCommerce Store

Launching your own eCommerce store online is a great way to expand your digital presence while providing you with more opportunity to generate leads and revenue. ECommerce stores are possible by using third-party services such as Shopify in addition to implementing CMS (Content Management System) solutions such as WordPress in conjunction with the free eCommerce plugin, WooCommerce.

Creating an eCommerce site is a way to sell products you have handcrafted or items you have ordered and manufactured with another manufacturing plant. Use your eCommerce store to spread the word of your brand while sharing social media buttons and newsletters to build your following and the number of loyal customers you have. ECommerce stores are optimal whether you are launching a startup or if you are seeking new and exciting ways to expand a current business you manage.

When you choose to create an eCommerce store with WordPress and WooCommerce, utilize free plugins and themes that are most relevant to your business and the type of audience or demographic you want to reach. Get your website up and running in less time when using WordPress/WooCommerce or a third-party system for selling online, such as Shopify.

Create a Listicle Website

Create a listicle website that allows you the ability to share interesting, unique, and engaging content with your users in the form of a list. Listicle articles are attractive and provide information quickly to users who are reading on-the-go or for those who simply want to avoid long and in-depth pieces. Websites such as ViralNova show that listicle articles can be extremely profitable. At its peak, ViralNova was generating upwards of $400,000 per month in ad revenue due to the number of page views the website received. Ultimately, the website was sold for a staggering $100 million.

Before creating a “run of the mill” listicle website, consider the type of content you want to showcase based on topics of interest that are most appealing to you. If you are interested in sharing a variety of listicles, consider hiring freelance writers to help with putting the content together cohesively. Choose topics of interest that you are passionate about to increase the engagement your articles receive, even if you are not a professional or expert on the subject. Utilize social media to launch ad campaigns to promote your listicles and to increase the number of likes, views, and shares you receive across multiple networks. Develop your listicle website’s brand so new users are familiar with the type of content you create and share.

Sell Handcrafted and Homemade Items

One way to generate a passive income while working from home is to sell your own homemade and handcrafted products. Using WordPress along with WooCommerce, launch your very own eCommerce site that you have complete and total control over. Alternatives such as, eBay and other site builders are also available to promote your products on and to spread the word about your business and brand.

Selling handcrafted and homemade items is a niche that is appealing to an entire subset of shoppers who prefer to support those who are in the craft and design industry. Selling handcrafted items that are your own often requires more time and effort, but can pay off once you have established yourself in the niche you prefer.

When you choose to create a store for your homemade and handcrafted items, select a price point that works for you without additional fees or the fear of simply not selling your inventory. Research your competition and the type of products you are creating to learn more about how to effectively price your items. Join online craft and selling groups using social media to engage with others in your industry and to learn more about success stories of those who represent a similar niche. It is likely to take you more time to develop your online presence while establishing your authority as a brand when you are doing so with one-of-a-kind items that are handcrafted. However, the reward is often the ability to charge higher prices while building a loyal and committed fanbase.

Join an Affiliate Marketing Program

Joining an affiliate marketing program is a great way to boost your passive income. Affiliate marketing programs do not require excessive overhead and do not require you to maintain a steady stream of inventory. Instead, affiliate marketing programs offer revenue programs based on the number of individuals you are able to refer to a set program or product.

Research top-performing affiliate marketing programs and consider the audience you want to reach once you have joined. Promoting affiliate marketing programs can be done with your personal blog, website, or social media platforms. If you have a large and growing online presence, sharing your referral link to your affiliate marketing program is all that is required to generate income (if you are able to successfully generate leads and get others to sign up for a product or service). When you are not yet ready to venture out into your own online business, consider an affiliate marketing program that works for you and your main audience.

Launch a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel is highly recommended if you have a specialized niche you want to promote and represent. While YouTube may seem oversaturated and highly competitive, it is still a viable source of income once you have a steady and dedicated following.

Before getting started with your YouTube channel it is important to consider the purpose you want to bring to your viewers. Who do you want to reach, and why? What is the demographic you want to appeal to and how does your channel fit in with their everyday life? Do you have a specific lifestyle you want to appeal to with your content, products, or services? How do you plan to engage with your followers and viewers?

Research competing YouTube channels that are similar to your own to learn more about their editing styles and the type of content they produce. Compare the number of followers your competition has along with the average number of views they receive for each video they upload to the platform.

Spend time learning how to properly edit your videos with the use of Adobe Cloud services, Adobe After Effects, and even Windows Media Player. Watch free tutorials on YouTube to discover the best ways to save time while editing your videos while implementing proper cutscenes, transitions, and effects.

Growing a successful YouTube channel is not always easy and often requires plenty of hard work and dedication. Avoid giving up if your videos do not receive the views and revenue you anticipated once you have just begun. Expand your knowledge of keyword targeting to optimize your videos while reaching your intended audience. Put social media and search engine tools such as Google AdWords to work for you when launching campaigns to promote your content.

Connect with other YouTubers who are also in the same niche as you to cross-promote. Inquire about guest blogging on websites that are most relevant to the type of content you share to spread the word of your channel while also improving your channels SEO (search engine optimization). Host giveaways and contests for your dedicated viewers. Share personal stories to build a sense of community among those who have a genuine interest in supporting you. Putting in the time and effort is one of the best ways to maintain a YouTube channel without becoming discouraged.

Create a posting schedule and stick to it. Many YouTube channels that have had great potential slowly taper off if the content creator is simply not dedicated enough to the community they have attracted. Posting regularly and with consistency is a key element to keep in mind when pursuing a YouTube channel and an online presence of your own.

Some of today’s top YouTube channels earn millions of dollars in ad revenue annually. Whether you are interested in a passive income or if you have dreams of working as a YouTube personality full-time, it is still possible with the right idea, online presence, and the willingness to remain committed and motivated at all times.

Create a Niche Website

Creating your own niche website is a great way to generate both passive and full-time income streams. While there are many websites available within seconds of searching, it is still possible to generate revenue through third-party and direct advertising solutions. Before you begin developing your website, consider its purpose and how you plan to make your website stand out from potential competition.

Choose a niche that is not widely covered online or that attracts a specific subset of followers and dedicated fans. When creating content or products for your website, use in-depth and engaging styles to reach users who visit your website. Implement social media with your website to maximize your online reach and the amount of exposure you receive.

Dedicate time each day to updating your loyal followers with new blog posts or content that is unavailable anywhere else online. Use A/B testing on social media platforms such as Facebook to promote your website’s official URL while gaining valuable insight into your users’ wants and needs in regards to your site’s content and all you have to offer. Building a successful niche website is not an overnight success endeavor. It requires hard work and the motivation to continuously share new, exciting, and unique information in a way that is truly you. While building a large following is not easy, it is rewarding when doing so on your own.

Sell Your Brand’s Logo

If you have already developed a business or brand, consider selling your brand’s logo on clothing and other promotional items. Use tools such as Google Trends to monitor and keep track of popular search terms and keywords that are most relevant to the type of products you plan to create to drive traffic to your online storefront. Even if you do not currently have an interest in purchasing items to sell on your own, opt for a third-party solution such as, Amazon Merch, and even Using a third-party solution is a great way to sell t-shirts, coffee mugs, and even tote bags without stocking and managing inventory on your own. While using a third-party service to host your products cuts drastically into your potential profits, it allows you the opportunity to generate a passive income stream without much work or effort from you directly.

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Once you begin generating a steady stream of income from your business endeavor, consider upgrading your eCommerce store and hosting your own (or building an eCommerce site with the use of a service such as Stocking your own products is a way to increase the amount of profit you earn with each sale while providing you with more creative flexibility and freedom. Once you are ready to break free from selling your items using a third-party service, use your website to promote products via social media and third-party ad services.

Get Involved With Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is not only just for those who spend all of their time online. While Bitcoin is still the largest form of cryptocurrency available on the market, it is not the only success story. Other altcoins such as LiteCoin and DogeCoin have generated buzz in the world of digital cryptocurrency. Investing in cryptocurrency is not always a safe bet, but it is a unique and interesting way of generating revenue as the market continues to grow and evolve.

Get to know more about cryptocurrencies and their current value by joining online forums and following websites such as and Spend time reviewing marketplaces and the value of each individual coin you are interested in. Never invest more of your real money than you are willing to lose, as the cryptocurrency market is still new and extremely volatile. While cryptocurrency’s future is still unpredictable, it shows promise for early adopters who select the right coin to invest in and back.

Buy and Sell Domains Part or Full-Time

Buying and selling domains is another way to earn a steady stream of income, especially if you know what to look for while buying and selling. Domain buying and selling is not a new way to generate an income online. In fact, the purchasing and selling of domain names for profit is a venture that has been around since the very beginning of the internet.

Diving into the world of domains requires an innate understanding of how the internet works and which names are likely to remain highly-valued after years and even decades. Study online trends and past domain sales to learn more about the art of purchasing, reserving, and selling domain names. Once you acquire a domain name that has recently expired or that you have purchased at a steep discount, it then becomes possible to resell the domain name with a set markup or by hosting an auction to maximize the profit you are able to generate. While successfully breaking into the world of domain sales and auctions is not for beginners and requires constant monitoring and research, it can be an extremely lucrative gig for those with vast online sales experience.

Work as a Professional Freelancer

Do you have professional skills you have developed while working in an office or on your own? Turn your skills into a viable income by working from home as a professional freelancer. Professional freelancers have the ability to work remotely from just about anywhere in the globe, allowing for more time to travel and explore the world around you.

Some of the most popular careers for those who are interested in working as a professional freelancer include:

  • Web Developer: Freelance web developers are not going anywhere with the rise of smartphone technology and the growing culture of running online businesses. Knowing how to develop complex, robust, and attractive websites can land you lucrative jobs with startups, medium-sized companies, and even massive corporations. Working as a freelance web developer requires you to understand the basics of popular programming languages as well as graphic design techniques used for front-end design.
  • Programmer: Programmers are all the rage these days with smartphone apps and the AI movement in the tech industry. The more programming languages you know and understand fully, the easier it is to seek jobs that provide you with schedule flexibility and the ability to work remotely from any location. Top programming languages range from Java, JavaScript, Ruby, and Stack, to classics including HTML5 and CSS.
  • SEO Specialist: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialists understand what it takes to get a website to appear within the first page of search results with engines such as Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo!, and Bing. SEO specialists work to implement proper formatting on existing and new websites to reach intended demographics and online audiences. Using an SEO specialist is a way to learn more about implementing proper meta tags, keywords, and formatting when creating and sharing new content or blog posts on your website. The more optimized a website is, the easier it becomes to increase the number of page views and visitors your site receives each day.
  • Copywriter/Ghostwriter: Working as a copywriter or ghostwriter is another way to generate a passive or full-time income. Whether you have an interest in writing fictional pieces or if you prefer technical writing and research papers, working as a freelance copywriter or ghostwriter is one way to share your creative energy with clients and their audiences.
  • Blogger: Building up a professional online reputation and hosting your own website or blog is a great way to attract new clients who are in need of influential bloggers. While working as a freelance blogger requires plenty of consistency and the ability to build your own following, it provides you with more freedom when choosing who to work with and the type of content you want to cover.
  • Social Media Marketer: Social media marketers with professional experience are extremely valuable for business owners and other professionals who are seeking a growing online presence. Social media marketers are well-versed in top social platforms and the latest trends or social networking releases. A social media marketing is familiar with content marketing and understands the importance of presenting a brand with attractive and professional photos, animations, videos, and illustrations. When working as a social media marketer, understanding how to interpret and monitor analytics is essential.
  • Ad Campaign Manager: Many businesses use social media platforms and search engines such as Google and Bing to create ad campaigns that are most relevant to their target audiences. Working as an ad campaign manager is a great way to learn more about how users browse online while honing in on specific audiences that your client wants to reach. Ad campaign managers are well-versed with both research engine advertising solutions along with social media ad campaign platforms (including Facebook Ads). A freelance ad campaign manager has the ability to launch multiple ad campaigns regardless of the budget available with A/B testing and analytic reports.

While working as a freelancer is extremely appealing (especially if you treasure your independence and creative freedom), it does take time and effort to build a professional reputation and online presence. Creating your own website, portfolio, and social media presence is a must if you are thinking of taking on the challenge of working as a freelancer of any kind.

Before you begin your freelance endeavor, consider how you plan to effectively attract new clients. Do you want to work with local business owners in your community, or are you open to reaching out to those in need across the country? How do you plan to communicate with clients? Is it easier for you to make a cold phone call or do you prefer communicating via email? Are you willing to host video conferences and presentations with your clients or do you want to work strictly via email and with minimal face-to-face communication? Before venturing into the world of freelancing, it is imperative to have a complete understanding of your wants and needs.

Create Website and WordPress Themes

If you have web design, graphic design, and web development experience, consider creating customized websites and WordPress themes to sell. Developing website and WordPress themes is a way to quickly generate sales and revenue, especially if you are creating unique templates from scratch that include unique features and layouts that are unavailable anywhere else online.

Learn more about WordPress themes and plugins to cash in on the growing market as individuals become more eager to launch their own online businesses. Whether you want to work with clients individually to develop fresh and unique layouts from scratch or if you are interested in selling relevant and attractive themes to users in need from premade templates you have created, working as a website and WordPress theme developer is one way to quickly begin generating sales and income.

Begin a Career as a Social Media Consultant

If you are knowledgeable and have experience in the world of social media, consider a career as a social media consultant. Social media consultants work directly with individuals and businesses that are in dire need of boosting their online presence with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Snapchat.

Advising clients on content marketing, social media marketing, and how to maximize their online reach and exposure are key components involved in the daily life of a social media consultant. When working as a social media consultant, you will be required to provide analytic reports on sponsored posts, ads, and overall content engagement for each individual page that is used by your clients.

Working as a full-time social media consultant requires you to build an online presence for yourself that is professional. The more social media followers you are able to accrue on your own, the easier it becomes to appeal to those in need of assistance. Work with locals in your community who do not yet currently have a website or social media presence before branching out to larger corporations and existing businesses. Build a portfolio showcasing past work you have done as a consultant along with statistics and visuals to share the results you have achieved.

If you have a desire to work as a full-time social media consultant it is imperative to become familiar and comfortable with both cold-calling and sending emails to those who may be in need of your services. Work on improving your sales techniques by determining a need for your service while sharing individual skills and abilities you have that set you apart from other online services or consultants who are competing for work.

Become a Professional Copywriter

If you have a passion for writing, working as a professional copywriter is one way to generate an income whether you are seeking a passive income stream or want to work remotely full-time. Professional copywriters work with clients directly by successfully networking and receiving new work via word-of-mouth. However, it is also possible to work as a copywriter by registering on various websites that bring the clients directly to you.

Some of the most notable online copywriting websites to work at from home include:


Before registering as a writer for any website it is important to brush up on your English and grammar skills. Take practice tests and learn more about commas, punctuation, and formatting. Most copywriting websites that pay writers require sample articles in addition to users passing traditional English and grammar tests before being accepted.

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Create your own blog to showcase your professional writing abilities when applying for companies that ask for links to your online presence. Build a client base by proving your abilities and skills with an online portfolio of your most prized writing material. Use social media to share your writing and other curation websites such as to build your following and readership while working as a freelance copywriter.

Work in SEO and Internet Marketing

Working in SEO (search engine optimization) and internet marketing is a way to break free from traditional 9-5 office positions while providing you with plenty of lucrative opportunities. Search engine optimization is a skill that is in high demand for those who are interested in building a brand and creating a thriving online presence. Boosting a website’s SEO is a way to generate more income, sales, and visitors for clients, allowing you to charge a premium fee if you are successful at your job.

Working as an internet marketer is another career choice that does not require a degree, expensive training, or high overhead costs. Internet marketers know what it takes to attract users to a website with quick text ads and engaging social media sponsored posts. Before diving into a full-time position as an internet market, become familiar with services such as Google Ads/Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and unique ways of marketing with other platforms such as Instagram stories, Snapchat stories, and appealing Pinterest posts. When you have experience in keyword and phrase management, working as an internet marketer is a way for you to expand your reach with clients while setting your prices as you see fit.

Seek Companies in Need of Proper Research

Do you love spending hours researching and learning about new subjects online? Consider seeking companies and clients who are in need of in-depth research. Researching online can become extremely lucrative if you have experience in law, medicine, or even in modern technology. Not all companies advertise their need for researchers, which is why it is highly advisable to develop your own online presence and portfolio before directly reaching out for new potential clients.

Find a Position as a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are becoming more commonplace, offering both part and full-time work to those who prefer to work while traveling or remotely from the comfort of their own home. Working as a virtual assistant requires you to communicate with users of a website or service who are in need of help or direction. Many virtual assistants must learn everything there is to know about a business or brand to assist with customers and clients in need.

In most cases, virtual assistants work through email ticket systems or by directly communicating with customers via an online chat solution. While virtual assistant positions do not provide you with the opportunity to generate unlimited revenue, they do provide stability and flexibility if you have the urge to work from home as you continue to build onto your own business ventures and ideas.

Sell Your Professional Photography, Animations, and Illustrations

If you are creative and have worked as a professional photographer, graphic designer, illustrator, or animator, consider selling your creations online for profit. Selling stock photos, graphics, and illustrations is a great way to make a passive income with a hobby you enjoy in everyday life. Some of the most popular stock photo websites that currently pay individuals to contribute their work include Fotolia. and

Before you begin selling your photos and other designs, be sure to read the terms and conditions with each stock site you register on to ensure you retain complete rights to your work. Consider the fee for selling your items and compare the percentage you receive with each sale before choosing a platform that is most suitable for the price you plan to charge (and the profit you want to make from your hard work).

Create your own website and online portfolio to attract prospective clients who are fans of your work and want to hire you directly. Branching out and working as a freelance photographer, designer, illustrator, or animator is much easier once you build an online following through stock websites and online services.

Host Online Webinars

Online webinars have become more popular than ever with the advent of social media and third-party website builders. With millions of individuals gaining an interest in creating an online business or platform of their own, taking advantage of the webinar industry is highly recommended if you have professional experience in any area of business.

Online webinars attract individuals who are already professionals along with those who have a vested interested in getting involved with areas of marketing, accounting, social media marketing, and online advertising. Whether you have built a successful business in the past or if you have been working with SEO and online marketing in your professional life, hosting your own webinar is a great way to generate revenue and a full-time income stream.

Professionals who host webinars do so for a set fee depending on the type of webinar that is being hosted and whether or not it is part of a series they are offering. Hosting a webinar does not require fancy equipment and can be done using your laptop or traditional desktop computer, keeping overhead costs low. In order to succeed with a webinar of your own, it is imperative to write and develop working scripts that are relevant to your audience while ensuring your public speaking skills are polished.

Before diving into the world of online webinars, consider the type of information you want to share with your viewers and whether or not you intend on hosting an entire course for those who are interested. Learn how to develop proper PowerPoint presentations along with animations and videos that are most relevant to the message you want to share. How many users do you wish to present to simultaneously? Do you plan to allow questions and comments from those who are viewing your webinar? How frequently do you intend on hosting a webinar and are you flexible for those who live in different time zones?

Learn more about getting involved with the webinar business by researching successful webinar hosts in similar industries as you. Register for free webinars and consider paying for a premium webinar that is most relevant to the type of content you plan to cover in your own webinar. Watching other successful webinars is one of the best ways to gain valuable insight into the industry before going solo and charging interested viewers for your time.

Create a Unique and Interesting Podcast

Podcasts are a great niche to get involved in if you have an interest in sharing information on topics you are most passionate about in everyday life. Whether you want to host your podcast on a third-party site or if you have a website or blog or your own, a podcast can quickly lead to ad revenue and the ability to obtain online sponsors depending on the viewership you have for your podcast itself.

Before launching your podcast, consider its purpose and the type of content you plan to share with your listeners. Choosing a specialized niche or industry is highly recommended to stand out to your potential listeners while attracting new listeners who are seeking unique and engaging content. Consider the type of guests you plan to invite and research the niche you are most interested in covering before choosing a name and official domain for your podcast. Do you plan to cover dark tales of strange crimes or are you more interested in sharing the latest developments inside of the world of tech?

Research for more information on your target audience and the type of niche you are most interested in before moving forward with the launch of your podcast. Learn about the potential competition you have in your industry and spend time listening to top-performing podcasts that are most relevant to you.

Launch an Amazon FBA Business of Your Own

Amazon Merch is not the only way to make money by selling your products online. Consider an Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) business to minimize the manual labor and effort required to properly manage and run an eCommerce store online. FBA businesses are extremely convenient and allow users to send and develop products that are directly stored in the warehouses of Amazon itself.

Once you begin selling your products, Amazon completes the shipping and packaging process to ensure the delivery of your items goes as smoothly as possible. Using an FBA business solution is highly advisable if you are working on your own or if you are just getting into the world of eCommerce and online sales. Allowing Amazon to do the heavy lifting is a way to spend more time marketing and spreading the word of your company and brand to prospective customers. Another advantage of choosing Amazon’s FBA service is the ability to quickly gain the trust of users who are unfamiliar with your brand or still feel skeptical about shopping online. Amazon is a mega-corporation that is known around the world, helping new shoppers to feel comfortable and safe anytime they are browsing online or purchasing products of their own.

Build Smartphone Apps

Building smartphone apps is another way to cash in on the rise in popularity of smartphone technology. According to Pew Research, upwards of 95% of all Americans now own a mobile phone. Developing an app for smartphones is a way to increase the amount of exposure your brand and business receives each day. With users browsing online with devices in their pockets, accessibility is essential for success.

Consider researching programming languages that are most suitable for the type of app you are thinking of creating. Determine the purpose of your mobile app and the type of users you want to reach. If you are unable or unwilling to program the smartphone app on your own from the ground up, work with an app development company or turnkey solution service. Whether you want to share content and products or if you are thinking of building an expanding online community, doing so with an app can lead to additional leads, sales, and even ad revenue.

Understanding the online world and the type of businesses that are available to pursue is a great way to break into new markets and industries that are most relevant and interesting to you. Choosing an online business idea that is successful is a way to take advantage of both creative and financial freedom and flexibility at all times. With the right idea, captivate your target audience while creating a name for your business and brand around the world.

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