Oracle Releases Critical Patch Update For All Product Families

Oracle’s October 2019 Critical Patch update contains 219 security patches across virtually all of Oracle’s product families.

The company strongly recommends all customers apply the Critical Patch Update immediately, as many breaches are a direct result of not applying security updates when they become available.

“Oracle continues to periodically receive reports of attempts to maliciously exploit vulnerabilities for which Oracle has already released security patches. In some instances, it has been reported that attackers have been successful because targeted customers had failed to apply available Oracle patches. Oracle therefore strongly recommends that customers remain on actively-supported versions and apply Critical Patch Update security patches without delay.

“This Critical Patch Update contains 219 new security patches across the product families listed below. Please note that an MOS note summarizing the content of this Critical Patch Update and other Oracle Software Security Assurance activities is located at October 2019 Critical Patch Update: Executive Summary and Analysis.”

For customers who have skipped previous updates and are concerned that the October 2019 update may not include a needed patch, Oracle recommends reviewing previous Critical Patch Update advisories to determine the best update path.

More information, including the specific products impacted, can be found here.

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