Park Seo Joon Opens YouTube Channel To Share More Intimate Look Into His Life With Fans

Park Seo Joon has opened his own YouTube channel to connect more with fans!

On July 27, Park Seo Joon took to his Instagram account and wrote, “I’ve started this to communicate more with fans and repay you for your interest in me. Though I am very lacking, I will fill this channel with small stories about my life!”

Park Seo Joon shared a link to a vlog, which is the first video of his new YouTube channel. Titled “Record Park’s: Park Seo Joon’s ‘The Divine Fury’ promotions 24 hours,” the video follows the actor as goes through the various aspects of film promotional activities. It is a special gift to fans as it shows a newer, more natural side of the actor. The video also helps promote the upcoming film, which is set to premiere on July 31.

Check out Park Seo Joon’s new YouTube channel below!

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