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PipeDrive is one of the foremost CRM softwares and platforms out there today. With the ability to help you set a great sales pipeline given its various features, PipeDrive will not only organize your contact information and the interactions you have had with your customers, but it will also help you funnel this into relevant result driven campaigns powered by marketing automation.

So before we go out to look for a PipeDrive alternative, let us first understand what PipeDrive can actually do for your business:

  • Sales Acceleration: With its many features, PipeDrive actually helps you get an organized hold over your time and your resources so that you are able to remain in control of the sales pipeline. This also helps you successfully conduct all the tasks that are required for you to reach the end of that sales pipeline.
  • CRM: PipeDrive allows you to manage all your data – be it the interactions you have with your customers or their contact information. This ties in directly with the other features and functions that are available on this platform.
  • Marketing Automation: What PipeDrive and many of the alternatives to PipeDrive do is to automate all your marketing efforts so that it ties in directly with the CRM that carries your customer data in terms of information and interactions. This helps in creating intuitive campaigns where not a single opportunity gets missed.
  • Lead Management: From generating leads, to managing and correctly deciphering insights and analytics, and finally nurturing the leads to make a precious conversion – PipeDrive does it all. This is also something that is done by each alternative to PipeDrive.

Yet, there are many things that one may still need which is why you may still need to look at PipeDrive alternatives. While PipeDrive comes loaded with many features that can make your life easier, it is also not the most affordable option for many people out there. There are many small businesses and startups that need to optimize their functions in the best possible way without spending too much money.

Also, the need for PipeDrive alternatives steps in when you need to find a platform that offers more support on a constant basis for small teams, and also when you need s system that is easy to setup. Let us have a look at the various alternatives to PipeDrive to see which one can suit your business needs in the best possible way.

  • EngageBay: This is easily one of the best PipeDrive alternatives thanks to the fact that it covers the entire gamut of marketing automation features going from SEO to email and social media as well as landing pages and so much more. Further, EngageBay has many affordable plans that also come with easy setup and constant access to a support team so that all your needs as easily taken care of and your small team can actually focus on more important tasks in the sales pipeline.
  • Exponea: This platform helps you manage your customers and build a loyal customer base with all its tools and features that are mostly CRM related with a focus on marketing automation as well. Exponea has also serviced a number of clients from around the world, much like Engage Bay and PipeDrive.
  • Nutshell CRM: With Nutshell CRM, you actually have someone looking after and managing your entire sales pipeline, much like Pipe Drive. Not only is your information stored and called up depending on the functions you want to use, but you also get to schedule tasks in the pipeline to make easy conversions. Yet, there is a lack of focus on the marketing automation side when compared to other platforms like EngageBay. While Nutshell CRM is a good enough alternative for PipeDrive, it is still not equipped to deal with every aspect of marketing automation.
  • Copper CRM: Much like PipeDrive CRM, Copper CRM gives you the advantage of tying all your tasks with the information that you have on hand so that every step of the sales pipeline is well defined which makes it that much easier for the entire team to work in tandem to close a conversion. Copper CRM ensures that you get all your tasks scheduled along with the information needed for each task, yet it is not fully equipped to deal with the marketing side of things.
  • Insightly: Insightly is one of the best CRM and marketing automation platforms that makes complete use of a number of features so as to help you close the gap between each task in the sales pipeline. Yet, it is not as affordable and easy to setup as EngageBay and other platforms.

So, in the end it may be seen that EngageBay would be the best of all the alternatives to PipeDrive thanks to its global presence and affordable pricing.

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